[ISSUE] Diplomacy Screen Values Truncated

On the Diplomacy screen, the resource amounts get trimmed/truncated and get displayed by way of a ping-pong scroll technique. This happens for I assume any value over 9,999 in any column. This is an undesirable user interface solution. I don’t recall AoE2 ever doing this. The full value should show for at least up to 99,999.

I only had 13,301 of lumber and the value was truncated (i.e., ping-pong scrolling). At first, I thought, “Why is it showing that I only have 3301 lumber?” and thought it was a bug. Then I saw it scroll back and forth, which then made it apparent that it was probably a band-aid solution to get by for the interim.

I’m hoping the ping-pong scrolling is a placeholder solution rather than a permanent one.

EDIT: Sorry I posted this in the general discussion area. I really tried looking for bug reporting type area first (honestly), but couldn’t find it or any other AoE2:DE areas, for that matter. I just now stumbled upon it, though, so mods please move this post, if needed.