Issue installing the Enhanced Graphics Pack


Today I needed to reset my computer and Windows did the job, installing the original pack and updating the OS. Then, I installed Age of Empires Bundle Package.

Everything ran fine, but I am not able to install the Enhanced Graphics Pack. It is asking for an Windows 10 version 18362.0.

The Windows Update didn’t find anything to do.

Anybody could help me, please?

Thanks a lot.

Hi, welcome here.

If you did a factory reset it might have restored to an older Windows 10 version delivered by your manufacturer. In that case you will need to update to the latest Windows 10 version first using Windows update or directly using the media creation tool that you can download here.

Thanks for the reply, but, as I told, I already updated the OS, it was the first thing that I did.

The issue is like the cumulative update is missing something.

Pardon me for missing that part.

So the issue is more that you are fully up-to-date, but the selection criteria of the EGP MS store package probably is set to equal to instead of equal or larger than 18362.0. This could be very well a publishing settings issue.

Could you post back a picture from MS store after searching for Enhanced Graphics Pack and then opening that in MS store?

Like this one:

The full story is that before I reset the computer, the package was installed and now I can’t install it again.

Because of this I supposed that the “cumulative update” missed something.

That’s the “System Requirements”.

I really have no idea why it happened.

Thanks for your colaboration.

Thank you for adding those. First thing I noticed on your first screenshot is that it does state that it’s installed on your system already (This product is installed).

But yet you are unable to enable it at the graphics options settings screen in AOE II DE, correct?

Hi PCS70, I think that I discover what happened.

I believe that the message refer to another computer, where I have this account logged in too (an old computer that I don’t use anymore)

So, because you asked, I checked again and I think that I found the options.

Are these on this printscreen?

If yes, sorry for the confusion and thanks a lot for your support.

Yes, it’s the Enhance Graphics (UHD) and you are able to tick it. So everything is fine in your case. No problem and your welcome. After enabling it run a benchmark test first. Usually when I switch to test EGP I click confirm first and then go back to run the performance test.

Thanks again, PCS70.

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