Issue Launching The Game

Hey everyone,

Hope all is doing well and having a great weekend thus far. With that said I’ve encountered an issue here that I cannot seem to bypass.

Pretty much I attempt to load the game, it launches and then it becomes stuck in the pre loading screen (loading icon is moving) but never gets passed this part. I’ve restarted the game multiple times, I’ve restarted the computer multiple times, and yes I’ve uninstalled the game, installed it various times on different hard drives to see if that may help, and the same problem continues.

This issue is recent as back in October to mid November I had no issues playing the game.

To state I am using the Xbox Game App, other games do load just fine. I have an idea what I think the issue is though clearly not to sure. But if I had to guess it would seem its stuck in this part of the loading screen as it’s awaiting for me to confirm my Xbox live Account (just a thought) as every time you launch a game from Xbox App (first time) it will ask you to confirm your Xbox Live account etc. The thing is this window is not showing up during the couple minutes of waiting for something magical to happen.

So simply put I am unable to play the game. If anyone has any suggestions about the matter would be greatly appreciated as of right now I cannot seem to find a solution.


Have you checked if the game is beeing blocked by the anti-virus program or firewall?

Hey there FonzNL59,

I actually noticed a similar response you made to someone else with the same issue. I use the simple MS defender which has never been an issue in the past. That said I did try turning it off to see if it may do something but unfortunately the issue still continues.

Well it was worth the try. I play the game from Steam so I wouldn’t know about the XBOX game app. Hopefully someone else can help you or you can contact Support.

By the way, have you also tried the firewall? You never know.