Issue playing online on PC


i’ve been trying to play online with a friend (Steam versions) and we both get the same error, regarding crossplay platforms. We both have the same windows, same versions of the game, and checked everything found on forums, still doesn’t work. The oly difference is that his game is not showing any available games in lobby, while mine does. Does anyone have a sollution to this?

If his is showing no games in lobby, something must be wrong with his version. I would recommend verifying game files and/or reinstalling the game (assuming it’s not an internet issue).

thank you. we will try that.
what about the issue with the cross platform error?

The game doesn’t allow cross platform (PC to Xbox). Assuming you are both playing on PC, that shouldn’t exist. I have to assume something funky is going on with your friends game (particularly since he can’t see lobbies).

freshly reinstalled the game from steam account on my friend’s laptop. same thing happens.

Not sure if this can be related to it but my first thought was perhaps he have a anti-virus application that for some reason is blocking AoEIV internet access? Make sure the game is not blocked by it.