Issue Updating to 7.0.5861

My PC isn’t automatically updating to the new season. Manual updating and reinstalling isn’t working either. Do other xbox or Microsoft store players have the update?

What must I do to get it?

I have a super new and top end laptop. I’ve tried everything I can think of. AOE4 customer help said it should just update automatically - it’s definitely not!

Please advise and assist!



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I’ve got the same issue. I can’t update season 5 too. It is invisible and reinstalling the game isn’t working too.

Hey, all! The new update hasn’t been released publicly yet. Should be out in a couple hours.

Yes, it seems to be downloading now. “support @ageof empires. zendesk .com” advised “released on June 12th” and should download. Just to note, I had the same issue end of season 3.

thx. Let’s hope it’s all good.


Ugh, sorry. Sometimes dates get pushed and there are so many variables to change at all the different levels. Best way to stay up to date is our blog; those are usually (usually) triple checked—mistakes can and do happen though :man_shrugging:.