Issues executing the game


Hello everyone!!.

Well here is the fact: Today, august 20th I downloaded the last version of this great game, but once I started to play, suddenly appeared this message. I added the game to the antivirus and firewall but the problem persists. I would be so grateful for your help and support.

An update was released that should resolve the issue.

Hey there @JisazuGto! If you are playing on the Windows Store edition, a build is on the way that will let you play the game without issue. Hang tight and try disabling your antivirus / firewall entirely to see if that works for you in the meantime.

If you are playing on Steam, you should already have the build that lets you bypass the error. Simply download the latest build and you’ll be ready to play!

Good luck; let me know if you continue to run into issues!

Oh yes, I got the game from windows store. Thank you very much for your answer. I’m gonna apply your advice. Regards from México.