Issues with lobbies

Why it became so complicated to find a lobby ?

When I was creating a lobby on peak time, it was full in few minutes. Now a lobby remains empty for 30 min…

Im sure 100% that people do not see all lobbies…

Is it possible to patch it ?? It’s more important than any DLC new civ !


True. This has been going on for 2 weeks. They either don’t care about this game or they aren’t competent.

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This is pretty ridiculous. Lobbies don’t show up in game properly. External websites like aoe2insights and have a more accurate list of lobbies and ongoing matches.

It’s a complete waste of time for people who create the lobbies where nobody can join and for those looking for specific games.

How can something so fundamental in the game be broken? How can this stay broken for so long?


It’s been three weeks as of Tuesday, three weeks of not having a functioning lobby.

This isn’t a bug, it must be a server capacity issue. If that’s true they won’t fix it because it needs investment in additional servers.

How can a bug of this magnitude take so long to fix? This is like an all hands to deck kind of issue.


Still no official answer from microsoft regarding lobbies’ issues ?

Edit : A message in game like “The lobbies are broken, we are working on it” would be welcome !

I mean basic communication…

I saw that poor guy dev team answering to all posts. Better to make a global announcement.

it is a shame. 15 minutes I have to wait for the players to enter my lobby. Do they really need more than 2 weeks to solve this problem? instead of going back with the update and releasing it later? Sad

It’s finally fixed, guys!

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I have been a long time aoe2: aok player mostly playing CBA on gameranger. Moved to aoe2 DE on steam because of lack of players in gameranger. But here also it’s the same situation, still cant find CBA games to play, not because of lack of players, but because of custom scenario games not showing up in the lobby browser.

Please fix this team.