Issues with Unit Modes when in a Group

Each unit type has its own modes (e.g. Cannons have Limber Mode and Bombard Mode).
So when we select a certain unit we get a box where we can change the mode for that unit.

The problem arises when we select a group of units of different types (e.g. Cannons, Cavalry, and Infantry).

So here is a list of issues that need to be addressed when we select a group of units.

  1. The box that shows unit modes shows the modes of only one type of units, not all three.
    Often we have cannons in a group, but their unit mode (Limber vs Bombard) is not always shown
    which is a problem.
    The Unit Mode box has 3 columns therefore each column can be used for a different unit type.
    This way we can change unit mode for all units in a group without having to select them
  2. There are different type of cannons, so when we select a group of units that has different type of
    cannons, the unit mode shown in the box is only for one type of cannon (e.g. falconets).
    Therefore, we can change from Limber to Bombard only for this type of unit, while the other type of
    cannons in the group stay in limber mode.
    Basically, we need to select each unit type separately in order to change its unit mode.
    The solution is to apply the new unit mode to all cannons and not just to that type of cannon.
    The same rule should apply to cavalry and infantry.
  3. when we select a group of units, we get to see a box with all the different unit types that are in that
    When we double click on an icon (within that group box) that represents a specific unit type, we are
    shown the unit mode but the unit itself is not selected (the entire group is).
    This prevent us from easily selecting specific units within a group such as cavalry in order to give
    them special commands.
    This should change. Double clicking on a unit icon should bring us only to that unit or units and
    create a new group box where only that specific unit(s) is selected.
    You can also add “Back” icon that can bring us back to the entire group.

These are the unit grouping issues and the proposed solutions.
Other RTS games handle groupings more or less the way I proposed.

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Yesterday, January 19, a new patch was released.
Yet, this issue hasn’t been resolved yet.

Developers, please look into this issue.

This shouldn’t be hard to fix.

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Addressing this issue is especially important because of another issue where when a group of units that includes cannons is instructed to move to a destination, some of the cannons move in bombard mode instead of limber mode which they then move very slowly, slowing down the entire group.
Therefore, changing all the different type of cannons to limber mode takes too long.

That is a separate issue by itself.
When a group of units that includes cannons is instructed to move, all cannons should switch automatically to limber mode.


Is anyone looking into this issue?