It is suggested to change "mercirontroop" to heavy infantry

As we all know, Chinese is very short of heavy infantry, and anti heavy infantry firepower is extremely surplus, so “mercirontroop” actually has some positioning conflicts for Chinese, so I suggest changing “mercirontroop” into a heavy infantry unit, making it a heavy infantry that Chinese needs to pay extra to manufacture, so as to make up for China’s anti cavalry weakness.

In addition, add a time 4 card to “Changdao” to enable it to acquire AOE capability. Of course, the cost of this card is that it costs money and will increase the cost / moving speed / population of “Changdao”, so as to achieve a balance. This can be used as an interesting PVE or entertainment card.

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dont change the unit cost for a single unit, it is very damaging to the way china build armies, just increasing the cost of the changdoao makes the army cost very unbalanced and affect the production of other units

Chinese have very decent anti cav access now, you can spam keshiks alot more easily

not to mention the iron troops already does significant damage to cav without being heavy infantry, making it one would just be a nerf