It’s ridiculous that Hausa can build heavy cannons with British alliance

While the true British do not even have that unit.
I kinda feel the same back in TAD when the Asian civs can mass produce some units from the consulate while the home nation needs a church card to get them just for one time, but they at least have access to those units.

That’s the kind of “update to old civs” that I’ve been constantly asking for. Not giving federal states to every civ, or completely overhaul the current meta, but fix some of these inconsistencies, which would not have a significant impact on the meta but just feel disturbing.


ehm, Hausa has british allies? afaik they dont.

as for British then they get the rocket because they by far are the most famous for it, using it both vs France and in the siege of Copenhagen (1807).

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Age 5 option only

I think that giving them rockets instead would make more sense.


I actually like the idea of rockets very much.
But it feels very odd to give heavy cannons to a “British alliance”. We could either replace it with rockets, or give British a card or church tech to access heavy cannons, even with limited numbers (like the Swedes infinite skirmisher/dragoon card).
Same can be done to many older civs. As I mentioned in another thread, most “newer” civs typically have more efficient ways to access the units they don’t regularly have. Old civs should also have this kind of variability.


IRC it doesn’t allow you to train Heavy Cannons, just a shipment of musks with 2 HC… Maybe I’m wrong.

Exactly as I said.

China British consulate brigade ships like 16 redcoats and a heavy cannon.

No I believe it’s always falconets.

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i believe its only the german consulate that has heavies, no?

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I mean, technically the factory from the Russian consulate can produce heavy cannons.

But if we only consider the expeditionary forces, then indeed only the German consulate can provide a heavy cannon.

The British consulate provides falconets.

I love these alternate history units.