It will be a good news if will have an update in the 3 years anniversary

October 15th is 3 years anniversary we hope to see another update,even if a small update to balance the game.


I wonder if anyone even remembers.

I hope this update will come true.

i just stopped begging, i moved to the chain massacre of texas games

There are also elections in Poland on October 15 :smirk:

What are the chances of PiS losing?

Where are you from to know about PiS and situation in pl?

I don’t know what to think because the opposition’s actions work to PiS’s advantage - they just make wrong, stupid decisions.

I’ll tell you how to vote in Poland - VOTE FOR THE LESSER EVIL.

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That’s every democracy everywhere and if you don’t think that you’re probably brainwashed.

But getting back to the topic, I’d like to see at least a “what’s on the horizon” for the anniversary.


I don’t expect any more updates on this game lol


MS said keep an eye on what is on the horizon for AOE 3 DE, alos some depots of AOE 3 DE were updated 8 days ago.


Maybe PuP on the way.


jajajaajaa, no bug fixing of many bugs since 2021

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Definitely right :+1:

I’m monarchist.

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When did they say that?

Come on Devs - please be a little transparent with us. As a community we would appreciate some acknowledgement of the broadest roadmap or (gulp) end of life support.

AoE3 has lots to give and with the free trial we can show the rest of the Age of fans how unique it is compared to the other games.

I think he means this

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Ah, saw this post first time round however never took any notice of that line. That’s somewhat reassuring!

Like ever? Cause if so that’s just wrong. A least according to some devs.

We hope to see something new in next week.

I hope that when both AoE 4 and AoE 2 get completely new DLC, AoE 3 will also finally get DLC!

After such a long time, the patch and event itself would be unsatisfactory.

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You are right my friend.

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