It woul be good that we could see stats of the unit when creating deck so we know if we include the card or no


i dont know if those dogs are good or no
i dont know the stats that they have

maybe if we could see stats when hovering mouse over “perro peruano”?

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Maybe try it out against ai. Use faster build cheat and experience cheat and you can be in imp and see unit stats quickly.


That seems like a bad fix for the problem lol(but is the unique solution for the moment).

I agree with the idea of showing at least not common units stats. Cards should provide all the information needed to the player so he can know if it’s worth or not.

thats a workaround, but hovering mouse on cards save 100 hours, imagine do what you tell me in each civ
and add to that , that each time we add a card another is removed (bugged system)

also itss difficult to remember stats of all uncommon card units of each civ