It would be cool to have developers's diaries/blog

Most of developers are actually sharing their updates trough web and i thinks It would be great for Aoe4 too. Relic entertainment could start to share more with us.

Those are a good examples of what i mean


That or a dev commentary mode like in many of the Valve games. Like say you’re playing through the campaign and you can hear the devs talking about the development process of that mission or cutscene etc.
I love hearing what the devs went through.


It’s been a long time. They should start showing us something.


I think they will share more at July event. It would be nice to see a blog.

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What July event are you talking about?

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Probably about the Xbox Inside event, where they show many first party games.


While it’s possible, I wouldn’t count on Age of Empires being featured on Inside Xbox unless it has been previously announced.

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Well i think inside xbox for the xbox don’t care aoe,a game only available in pc.

Lately Xbox and Microsoft events are more and more the same. For example last Aoe4 trailer was shown at X019. Even the Xbox Youtube channel uploaded the Aoe 4 trailer.
I think they want to reach a wider audience by showing Xbox and PC games at the same event. The event in July is also a kind of replacement for the cancelled E3.
Btw Phil Spencer didn’t rule it out to make Age of Empires available on Xbox sometime. Not at release, but maybe later.

Of course it’s not safe we see anything about Aoe4, but very probably about Aoe 3 Definitive Edition.


I meant rts isn’t popular nowadays.Xbox will release console in late 2020.prob,they will focus on console.i am afraid they will forget aoe.

Xbox events are belong to gaming not to console anymore. AoE4 trailer released in Xbox event. We have Xbox game pass for pc and every Microsoft game is and going to be free if you are a sub. It also has many other games too.

I think they will announce AoE3 in June event. And maybe some AoE4 footage too… I hope

Their event will be in july*
But in 6th of June we have pc gaming show.they showed aoe1 de in pc gaming show 2017.
I guess we will see aoe3 de in pc gaming show(june)
And AoE4 in xbox event(july)

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord did weekly devblogs. They were great except for few boring ones.
From what I see Relic isnt ready to be more transparent about the game. I mean until the last video(which was by no means a gameplay video) we didnt even know what era the game was going to take place in.
There are still some random people coming off and asking whether the game is going to take place in modern era or not.