It would be good that rof of charged attacks and stats of charged attacks be always displayed on IU

we dont know the Rate of fire of charged attacks and if they have charged attack by cliking on the unit. (this as being on the enemy team)

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@gmenyhart may please add cooldown time of charged ability onIU?? instead of saying 3 rof on charged attack, why doesnt it says cooldown time?
rof on charged ability is useless because the cooldown time of charged ability is the rate of fire of charged ability

its frustrating to dont know rate thec ooldown of charged attack even more when enemy can pay to reduce cooldown time. So players dont know what cooldown time they are confronting.

i tag you because, this was ignored and not attended, but many people think that this is necessary.


this too, please show how often"ataque de largo alcance can be use"

please give us a high quality ui, this is very basic, please dont answer me taht is by design