It would be great if the game could implement more experience drawers for other civilizations and be able to include them in more situations

The experience drawers came as a new mechanic when the US DLC was integrated, being incorporated as a bonus for the American nation and at the same time being used in deck, Also with the arrival of the DLC Africa, it was implemented in the politicians of these civilizations, Later in the Mexico’s latest DLC also came using the same mechanics very similar to that of the US. It has worked well in these civilizations, allowing them to create more strategies and enhance others.

Now I wonder why it has not been implemented in the other civilizations? I do not mean that they are given a drawer of experience when they age, but rather that they are implemented as an option in their policies and letters, it could help to recover old things that were or that have been nerfed and are no longer used, useless politicians and useless letters.

A much-talked-about discussion earlier in this forum is “why doesn’t the Chinese porcelain tower wonder grant other benefits apart from the building bonus?” Perhaps now that there are experience drawers, something that did not happen before, could be a very good way to give utility to this wonder at age 2 at least, Also implement a shipment of experience drawers in the Spanish consulate, create an Ottoman logite that can interact with the experience drawers (The Ottomans are the only classic pro-European civil that does not have the logistic politician)

There are several ways to implement that, I do not think it is fair to argue that this is original to the civs that are American nations, since Africans also have them in their politics and also that the US and Mexico have many ways to obtain the BONUS of the other civilizations in their letters, that is, if the US has French immigrants that practically takes away much of the originality of France

I repeat, I do not mean to implement the federal system, it would be absurd, but only to implement the drawer resources as such.

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