Italian Fast Imp on Arena - New Condos

The Turk fast imp (as well as other gunpowder strategies) would be really well countered by this, maybe it could be a new meta? The cheaper advances as well as extra attack and armour for condos makes them really useful now, especially backed up by Genoese xbow against cav and gunpowder, as well as with trebs/siege. So far this has allowed me to beat extreme AI Turks fast imp while I’ve only beaten the extreme AI once before… thinking Italians could be a really good arena/fortress civ with this strategy specifically. Thoughts?

If you could discuss it here too, since the Italians lately are in a lot of topics I’m trying to group them in only one topic.

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However, I don’t think that condos are really and arena unit.

They counter the Turk fast imp super well though I agree they are situational but there’s a case to be made for Italians on arena I think since trebs can be rushed out too

Condos is supposed to counter gunpowder. It’s normal Turks HC and Janissary get countered hard even without the buff.

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Yes yes of course I’m also just thinking that they stack up a lot better versus other units and civs even with the attack and armour buff. Just makes them more useful for a condo rush, arena or not I guess

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I answered here, to better group up the discussion.

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The problem with that is that the game should be balanced for the competitive level players, not for low level players who, for them, fast imp as turks is actually part of the meta.

The problems with condos is that they arent siege-like in their smaller numbers. Ita fast 3tc condo from pocket is one of their only viable strats with the slow speed it takes to get to genoese if you don’t want to die in the mean time. They’re really strong though, post nerfs that made them the way they were as of last patch, on voobly with all 2k+ players in an arena TG, I don’t think I was ever in a team that lost with italians and I never won vs a team that had them. For some civs like persians, vik or even indians that just have those rapid booms and 24/25:xx imp times with insane eco condos just come out way too fast right away and smash basically everything down. But hey, at least FE doesn’t actually balance so we can go back to doing that except on crack now.


11 nothing like Italians and some crack