Italian papal lancer is too op

For 300 res, (same as a cuirassier), papal lancer has almost double the hp of a cuirassier, higher attack, and multiplier vs all infantry, they beat any other trainable unit equal resource wise, not even close. There is no counter. The only things that can potentially kill it is dragoon but have to micro very hard and if this unit take a lot of hits from dragoons. Civs without dragoon are doomed vs this unit. This unit is like allowing Italian to train Mameluke (Italian already can send a stradiot in age2 which is insane). So why not allow ottomans to train spahi, or allow Chinese to train manchu and flying crow


Yeah I’ve been inflicted with the strad lame a few times already

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ontem perdi alguns jogos contra a Itália por causa dessa carta e inacreditavel essa carta na era 2

they are basically the elmeti merc with less multi against infantry, I think for the most part people will need to adapt to facing them first cause elmeti has always been a slightly underpowered unit

It might be a bit too cheap for something that is a shipment that doesnt cost a shipment but considering a normal elmeti shipment gives you 6 i still want to w8 a while

If both these statements are true one would suspect cuiraissiers of being underpowered.


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cuirs have area damage, anything that is fast and has area damage will never be underpowered.

I think like cuirs have a damage cap on their area damage of 60 meaning they effectively deal x2 damage against all units if they are facing a mass of them

Have you played as Italy though? It’s really hard to make these things in mass because each batch needs to be shipped as a shipment which makes it hard to actually send your cards. Italy doesn’t actually “train” them. It is also Italy’s only good unit at the moment unless you get the age IV skirms.

I’ve played a lot of Italy since the release; tbh they feel like an underpowered civ to me which requires really high macro and micro skills from the player to keep parity with the standard Euro civ.


Each of these is 100f 100w 100c. Which makes them a VERY expensive unit, more expensive than Cuirassier because of the wood. On top of that you can only “ship” a batch of 3 from the Basilica - these stack behind other shipments and are also slow.

I think the unit is fine.


Very hard to mass, very expensive, blocks other shipments. Not OP at all.


I guess we will have to wait and see how the meta plays out. All I know is that when they appear and raid you your vils melts like butter and these new maps are very exposed. They have an effect beyond their cost.