("Italian screenshot") Nobody noticed?

Edit: They are just early sharpshooters that are trainable on II age by shipment.

We have the alledged Bersaglieri (Well, it’s a Bersaglieri). For the record, he is using the standing reload animation and don’t have a bayonet, so probably a rifleman infantry (historically they were light infantry)

Then we have the pink unit. I checked the models of State Militia, Sharpshooters and Revolutionary volunteers (USA revolution Sharpshooters) and they are none of them. You can check:

State Militia and Sharpshooters

Guard Sharpshooters

Revolutionary Volunteers

Either a new italian unit or a USA skin update (probably the first).

One of them could be “light infantry” (mechanically speaking, they doesn’t exist as a class) good against other light infantry?


Sharp eye good sir.

Combined with the 20 achievements that are coming it might be a surprise second civ even.

Its probably a new skin for the sharpshooter and those extra 10 achieves are US achievements. But where’s the fun in thinking that?


It is not that no one noticed, especially since they are so numerous, it is that they are sharpshooters from USA, and are the one that you can make in age 2 via the card long rifle, normally they start at veteran in fortress age, but you can get before and they have a different skin…


For some reason it doesn’t get the image to show, but if you follow the link you will see the commerce age model for sharpshooters, which is exactly like the one in the image


Everyone’s excited for USA to get a new Italian Immigrant card!


Oh, my bad! Never used that card.


Don’t worry, i like your enthusiasm


‘‘Nobody noticed ?’’. Someone posted this on the forum one week ago…

I mean, the sharpshooter early II age skin. Because I didn’t read anywhere that it was model that you can see if you send some card to get thek in Colonial I posted that here. OFC I wouldn’t have posted this if I have knew it.

In fact the whole post is useful to people that might not know that there is this skin.

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