Italians useless vs siege spam

Obvious troll is obvious


As I recall, Jannisaries do just fine against Condos. Their high damage output doesn’t include any infantry bonus damage, so Condos take full damage. Give the Jannisaries a meat shield, and the condos will die before they can even make use of their anti-gunpowder bonus damage. It’s Bohemians who see condos as a nightmare, since Condos do well against everything in their unit comps (except arbs, but Italians have better archers anyways)

Condos can hold a number of roles. They can be a power spike in early imp (a rather niche scenario though). They can be a counter to several gunpowder units (though some gunpowder units - jannisaries and conquistadors - do very well against condos. This use is mainly only relevant against Bohemians). They can also be a raiding unit (though their gold cost holds them back in this role). Overall, I consider the Condo to be a very niche unit that can be treated as a slightly weaker champion with more speed, a hussar with a gold cost, or a weaker Cavalier.

As a team bonus, I think Condos are too situational to be really helpful (unless you have a Goths ally). However, Italians do also have the Silk Road tech, so they have another bonus that is generally only relevant in team games.

There is a unit called bombard canon, have you ever heard of it? It’s great to destroy other siege and italian get cheaper one at that.

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