Italy Fast Industrial?

Does any of you have a good strategy for Italy fast age 4?

I would like to try it, since Italy can get to the age 4 and automatically have guard bersaglieri. They can also send a ton of royal muskets that automatically gets upgraded to guard level.

On paper, it seems a good idea, but it’s difficult in the application. Italy have a decent FF, but usually I age up quite late to age 2, and it’s hard ti get to age 4 with a decent timing.

Is there a way to implement it? Maybe abusing the lombards? If someone have a good strategy can you post it here alongside the deck used?

lombards take too long to pay off.

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I usually use them to get wood and coins by gathering only hunt, but yes, they are too slow for most of the times.

Still, if you send the monte di pietà and 700 coins you can get a decent age 3 timing, the problem is beyond that.

I also tried to get a second architect right after hitting age 2, so one can build outposts and one can build lombards, but it’s too slow.

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