ITALY need rework for treaty games

Colega esta es una solución, es simple pero ayudaria, eso y hacer que la tarjeta de camisas rojas tambien mejore un 15% los puntos de hp y ya, eso los haria muy utiles, no haria falta mas

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With filters it is very easy to find team games. First set Password protected to Public, then set gamemode to Supremecy to filter out the scenario/deathmatch/ect game modes, then hit the “rules” button so all the treaty games are sorted away from standard games.


alright, Mod hat on:

it is okay to disagree with someone, it is not okay to attack or belittle someone, this goes esp for you @ausmht4598

everyone have a nice day, and remember its a game, you should play what you like and think is fun that is the entire point. if you dont have an interest in an official mode, then just dont play it and dont come in and attack people who think differently.


Just use Mercs and use the lombard trickle with Usury. That’s as good an eco bonus as any.
Italy has access to one of the most insane mercs via an ageup, which can almost oneshot skirmishers

Malta is literally considered the worst civ in treaty. You don’t really know what you’re talking about if you think Malta is “fine” for treaty.
Italy needs a second factory, like every other euro has two besides Malta and Malta is literally the worst treaty civ.

Even with a second factory Italy would need more treaty changes but it would certainly be significantly better.

No 1 factory is fine new and differend but do something about population cost