It's been almost 4 years since the reveal trailer....yet we still don't know this

age 4 was planned as a new era game with the same gameplay. Age 4 will be an old era, but with vastly differing gameplay as far as we can see at this point…
Its very new.

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should just leave it as it was in age 2. very basic but working, enemy, friend or neutral, thats it…Hope this part will be what stays.

Exactly. No matter what engine you use cause that depends on the year and the engine that fits better with the game. Age IV and V was supposed to be the next step. I not feel to play Joana of Arc again even the game looks awesome.

well… the game still offers brand new gameplay though. I do get the point, but I would never focus on the setting of any game to define if its new or old :wink: Dont get me wrong, I also expected age 4 to be after 3 in regards to time .But it is clear for 4 years now that this wont be the case, and I am OK with that. After all, there is stil plenty stiry to tell of medieval times.

as mentioned, they chose to revamp gameplay instead of age, which I think is fine.
Age 4 in a more modern setting would have forced both new setting AND gameplay(due to fireams being more dominant) - which may have attracted newcomers but also is prone to become a failute (because 2 pillars known and loved would be removed).

Also tbh, you can not really talk of empires in more modern times I think (regarding possible age 5). Even third riech and britain as colonial forces would bring problems, because in that case the game at that time coul also be called the game of 6 big nations :smiley:

you will likely get that.

I know what’s up that last 4 years, that not means Age IV is not what I was expecting to get and of course, here is where devs comes into scene, so, why not do what was supposed to be the next step of the franchise? Really, I not see mayor improvements in looking and mechanichs than mix age II and III.

underused? you’re trolling rigth?

have these devs heard of western europe diplomacy?, or the thousands of maps Made for Diplo???

well, ,maybe you dont. I do, and it seems the devs do too. maybe watch the mongolian gameplay scenes again, just for an example

Show some sources of them making “clear” diplomacy is an underused feature.
Send the link of the interview.

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