It's been almost 4 years since the reveal trailer....yet we still don't know this

And we still don’t know

  • How is the map editor like? (will it be simple yet good like the AOE2 editor, or overcomplex and clunkly like the one from AOE3)

  • Max map size

  • Will Diplomacy exist?

  • Full gameplay (not just some 15 second clips switching back and fort)

An overall more info on how the game actually plays, will it be more similar to AOE2, AOE3, or a mix of both? , the game is like 3 months away and we still don’t know many of these details, even after the reveal trailer back in 2017



I completely agree. We know nothing at all.
We were only shown 2 videos and a few shots from the game.

Where the 1x1 PvP match is shown. Like a developer struggle.
They say that they played a lot of them and it was full of fun …

So the community has no fun. It’s nervous, impatient, cramping.

And it is always solved around: Arrows, water, size, graphics, etc.

Take courage and show us something proper.

The game is just a secret …


sadly, a lot of people are trying to stop the criticism with arguments like

“if u dont like it, don’t play it, stop tryign to criticise the game to make it a better game]!”

these people are the reasons so many games are lazy cash grabs these days


Aoe2 did a good job with the map editor, aoe4 could litterally copy it exactly and it would be good, I think the devs know this and will make it similar to aoe2

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i’d like that too, but with more tools, i dont mind the ammount of detail and options aoe3 editor had, but the UI and location of stuff was horrible


Yeah the aoe3 map editor is weird.

The aoe4 map editor may get a few new features but for the most part it will likely be like aoe2

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I’m more worried about the fact we have all these new details to make the game fit more into the e-sports competitive scene, yet, we still have no idea how the multiplayer is going to be like

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I just hope the game isn’t 100% aimed at sweaty competitive

there are a LOT of casuals who love to play CASUAL games like diplomacy


Sure. I understand a good amount of people don’t like and are not interested in competitive.

But do YOU KNOW how non-competitive multiplayer will be like? Have you heard how the diplomacy mechanic will be implemented (if at all)? Are you even sure the game is going to be supportive of a more casual type of online gameplay? Has anyone been informed on anything about it?

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I don’t think so, and that gets me very nervous, I make maps for diplomacy, I even have a big diplomacy group and we love to play on these real world maps we make

i hope AOE4 allows this type of non competitive fun gameplay


I bet you can kiss this goodbye…

And to answer the guy who’s worried about them only catering to the competitive scene, they 100% are and will. And for what? Nothing, all the pros will stay on AoE2, and this game will be yet another esport failure that’s only half fun for casuals because it wasn’t designed for them.

Maybe AoE4 will cater to skill rather than how good you follow a meta


Agre, EXCEPT the editor. They are different engines so editors don’t even looks similar. The thing I don’t like about Age IV is that, in fact, is nothing new. Just Age II in a better Age III engine. If Ensemble stills alive, they turn crazy.

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That’s interesting one. It must have much better diplomacy and trade than Age 2 and 3. Team mate should be rely on each other for trade. specialy it should not become thing like aoe3 where other teammates starts Giving Japanese team mate a lot of live stock to get tribute in return. ( it’s not good for game but sometimes it feels really good if your team wins doing it)


We actually know, it’s just you who doesnt know :smiley: they have made it clear that diplomacy is an underused feature in all age games (perhaps even more underused than water) and so its existence will be very limited and more within the context of the campaigns

Really? Where did they say that? That makes me sad.

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thats not how games work though. There will ALWAYS be a meta.

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you cant seriously be saying age 4 is nothing new?

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Yes, they did say it in one of their interviews. Personally I’m not sad at all, diplomacy is more well suited for grand strategy than real-time games.
It will exist tho in some form. They’re not removing it.

Yeah. Take a look at what was supposed to be Age IV and V, and tell me what’s new in the upcoming one.

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