Its funny how rus actually got annihilated in the up and coming patch

so not only was rus fairly useless in the current patch, the new patch literally takes away the only good thing about rus, hunting cabins and streltsy movement boost, only to give it to the useless horse archer. the hunting cabins are now useless unless you wanna make more scouts, streltsy are super slow and easy to catch up to and kill. what a way to destroy rus, but yet abassids get a Maa buff for ghulams and they are basically foot knights now, its actually hilarious, the balance in the game is even worse then before :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Not sure about “annihilated” but I do find it peculiar how they manage to nerf rus on maps they were already weak at (maps with less wood).

i think rus horse archers scholud be avaible at the age 2

Having a rus ally in team games does often feel like having half a team mate.