It's hard to distinguish

Can you find out who is horseman, and who is lancer?


and that’s why they need to relaunch this game


joder colega es que se ven exactamente igual xd

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What did Relic do…???

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Yes horseman have leather hats with bronze top; fire lancers have solid bronze cap with a weave in the center; fire lancers also have a white back. So already just looking at this picture the most of these are horsemen. I see 4 fire lancers (top right and mid right and center and far left)

I see the 5th


What’s the point with this screenshot? You are NEVER playing this zoomed in and you always have them sorted into different groups as you want to use them for different commands, so I struggle to find the reason for this?

Do they look similar? Yes but it’s not an issue because you don’t play the game like this in the first place, so pointless thread.


Don’t make this mistake. Every player Is different and plays different. Many of them like to zoom in very often to see the Battles more close.


Yes, even I do that sometimes to enjoy the battles close up but I never have this issue that certain units look the same, because I already know what is what prior to that. I just think this is nitpicking.

If they make them more distinct I’m not going to complain but it’s hardly an “issue” in my opinion for game-play that’s all at least not for me anyway.

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i think everyone zoomed in to watch close up at least once in their playtime, as for unit visuals, its a fail readability wise and absolutely shouldn’t be ignored as a non issue, its a very real and frustrating problem, basically why they made weapons super oversized initially, icons being super similar then adds further issues on top of this, however the main hit is in lack of spectacle, when all your units look the same and have the exact same death animation (siege as well) it just looks uninspired, as if they didn’t even try to make it interesting to look at


I see a lot of people skipping over this post, any reason? Is it accurate? I don’t play China, so I’m asking just to confirm the details.

@KG19991380 @jimmy19846071 @Franknezu11

this screenshot is from beastyqt’s record. Horseman and lancer often stay together. This is not my fault.

I have to say, because when zoom out I can’t distinguish them, so I zoom in,but still hard.

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I have to say, because when zoom out I can’t distinguish them, so I zoom in,but still hard. So it is really a problem.

i went through every single reply on this post, its no secret unit textures are lacking in detail and to be brief, it took me a while to tell which unit is which, approximately a minute, in fairness to the screenshot and how this game’s units are intended to be told apart, all units used the exact same torch, which is a problem when you rely on the weapon to tell which unit is which.

Now why is detail on the textures lacking, i think its related to unit model exposure mapping (how dark/bright something is) being too bright, very noticable on units, impossible to not notice on units face.

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I mean, the gameplay it’s good and this Is important. But what i wonder: Is It to difficult release a DLC with improved textures? It could change the opinion of many people, including me. I mean, i love to zoom in on armies to see the Battles (this Is one of the best thing for me in a RTS because It rerpesents the Essence of those epochs) and the impossiblity to zoom in and the low textures on models are a big problem to me.

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was there since launch. units without visual help but weapon which makes it hard when they switch to torch. This why a redesign of units is needed and with that and other issues an relaunch.

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I would really need an explanation to why units in this game are so similar. Look at the knight line in AOE2. The first tier uses a white horse which makes it easy to tell apart from the scout/light cavalry line. As simple as that.

Going further, as you advance from from one tier to another the designs get more complex. Even for a newbie there is no confusion between a knight and a paladin. The tiers in AoE4 are just too similar.


It’s because in aoe4 the same tier always have the same color scheme (leather-steel-gold, etc.). It makes it easier to distinguish tiers but not units in the same tier.

That is in turn because the same unit line (for one civ) rarely changes the armour design when it progresses (unlike in previous aoes there is a drastic change in the armour/uniform), so they need to use color scheme to distinguish tiers.

If you have to ask…

I don’t know how you can defend something as clear as that screenshot. The game has always had an issue with unit distinction. The closed beta forum was filled with such observations. Devs kept plodding along like this was nothing (like you).

Textures are too plain, blurry and undefined but just as hurtful, unit geometries are identical. You can do different haircuts and put different clothes on identical twins but people will still have a hard time telling them apart.

What harm would it have caused to at least do white/brown/black/spotted horses for certain unit types? Why are they all brown except for the Khan? Have you seen how easy is to tell the Khan apart just because he’s riding a white horse?


I’m not defending anything I just point out that I don’t think it’s that big of an issue, and I’ve stated previously that I wouldn’t mind them making things more clearer and improved graphics but to me that’s just nitpicking.

If I can learn to see the differences so can anyone else, it’s not really rocket sience. But to each their own I guess, if it bothers you that much and it becomes unplayable then I’m sorry to hear that but I’m not going to lie and tell you that I can’t tell the difference or that it bothers me it’s simply not true.