Its so funny to read posts about aoe4 here

everyone think this game will be playable now. Haha, i think it will be playable after one year.
The games today comes out in a pre-alpha version, while developers saying its full a release. Thats the fact.
Everyone is nervous about next patch. Microsoft just farts and everyone posting next update is here!!! Guys go spend your time better.
These spams here will not improve anything.


this post doesnt help either buddy :smile:


Maybe some people do actually enjoy the game and are happy with every single improvement.
Thanks for your very useful topic and your time.


Enjoy Mongol TR and Rus super cav archers?
Oh and FL rush you landmark in a sec

Learned to counter them. All i still have trouble with, is the English longbow, spear and ram push.
Thanks for asking buddy. :sunglasses:

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I highly enjoy the game, I play aoe4 almost every day. Its not perfect but I love the music, the language progression through the ages, the graphics, that roads are created in between buildings and the uniqueness of every faction.

Maybe its because I have patience and have seen how games become great after years of development (Civ VI, Warhammer and R2 TW, Stellaris, Planet zoo, No mans sky)

I feel like im in the journey during development of a game, its part of the experience of gaming.

And in the end its wonderful to witness the rise of the game and to have always sticked with it.


Dunno, maybe it wasn’t released in your country. But I’ve been playing since October.

I don’t think it’ll take a year to arrive over there, maybe use a VPN. I just got done with a few fun matches, sucks that can’t play yet.

Good luck!


Not sure it is a good idea, we are at winter, and it is -20.

I think i will ignore your recommandation and keep playing game, until its time for me to go to work. XD


I’ve been avoiding the forums because from my experience with AoE3 DE it was always a ton of negativity, arguments not about game play and just disdain even when new content came. AoE4 has not changed that trend… So yes I agree its hilarious to read all these negative posts b/c of how far off base they are from reality.


Oh boy, I can’t wait for the next big (Summer 2023 Patch/Update) it sure will fix the game and make it fun again and not create 100 more bugs…


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Joke’s on them…I get my entertainment out of the bugs at this point.

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And just like that a January patch is announced.