It's time end the fantasy of Chu Ko Nu repeater crossbow

I don’t think I’m the first one and I doubt that I’ll be the last one saying this. But, the repeater crossbow really is not the appropriate reference to the Song Dynasty in terms of history and game. Shen Bi Nu, also known as Shen Bi Gong or Divine Limb Bow/Crossbow on the other hand, is a more appropriate reference to the Song Dynasty. There’re more references stated that Shen Bi Nu was practically used in military of Song Dynasty. Chu Ko Nu on the other hand, was stated that even civilians may had one for self-defense.
I hope that dev team will notice this, and make a change in game.( Which suit more in terms of historic accuracy and game balance. After all, Chinese is kinda weak in 1V1 pvp game and we see absolutely zero pick rate in Genesis.)

Nahhh dont think they should

Chu Ko Nu or Zhuge Nu or whatever you want to call it looks and is kind of cool though. However, if they gave them another unit instead, and maybe gave the repeater crossbow to villagers that could be kind of interesting.

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