It's time to face the truth: Not all civs have a Fort

This request is more about adding new stuff which can lead to new ideas of strategies in Supremacy !
As we all know, ALL civs have FORTS apart from the Aztecs, Lakota, Haudenosaunee and Japan.
There is already a mod that adds a fort for the Aztecs and Lakota which uses building models from the actual The Warchiefs Campaign.

Look how badass this pyramid looks !
I know, I know… that is temple and the Warchief civs didn’t had the concept of forts (afaik), but this is just a game which wasn’t designed to be 100% historically accurate.
I think Aztec should have that temple as fort, Lakota and Haudenosaunee a building similar with the Cherokee War Hut

and maybe Japan could have either Ishida’s Castle or even the Shogunate Palace acting like a fort besides its usual use of wonder.

What do you guys think ?


i must agree, and the designs of the fort are good! devs should add fort


…why would a culture whose entire methodology of war is based on hit and run raiding and guerilla warfare have a fort?

“Ah, yes. Let’s show them exactly where we are, even though we can’t defend it or have anything to do with it.”


I think the castle idea sounds interesting but I think the Shogunante does enough. It gives xp + Daimyo (unless age 2) + makes units cheaper + makes units train faster + let’s you retrain Daimyos. It could be too strong if it was a viable defensive option and if you made it age 2 Japan could have a very easy time turtling. I think if you want give Japan a fort having it be a Japan consulate tech could be interesting. That said I think Japan already has some pretty good cards to buff their castles like that they can get + 6 range with Yamashiro.

As cool as it would be, Aztecs probably have enough defensive buildings with war huts + nobles’ huts. A fort could be kind of crazy with the card that gives the ceremony at the plaza that increases building hp.

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Pre-Columbian civilizations need a flagship building. The other civilizations have a lot of emblematic buildings that give them character.

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War huts, community plaza, nobles hut, kallanka, kancha, teepee, longhouse, farm, stronghold… do you need more??

The community plaza is the most boring building in the game. It should be some kind of administrative building where some kind of special unit like the Aztec priests would work.

The other buildings are fine, but pre-Columbian civilizations had very complex buildings, especially the Aztecs and Incas where they had buildings of all kinds with different purposes.
Even the wonder system would fit them.

Wonders are for asians. Different cultures have different buildings that are common for that culture to do easier the game. Natives have farms, huts and plazas, asians rice paddies, consulate and castles, and africans fortress, granery and that militar academy.

… And that’s fine. I agree. But I have always felt that the American cibilizations are missing something. Maybe that’s why they are little used, and especially after having entered the fur market.

Asymetric balance is the key of AoE III. Not every faction have to have the same.


Maybe with the Aztecs and the Incas you could build just one (1) wonder to advance to the next age, just one time. And that wonder gives “something”.


Russia has blockhouses but also Forts

You dont want an aztec fort boosted by town dance.
Also native fort is a feature of incas, only for them to differenciate from aztecs

Aztec architecture is very unique and very different from the Incas. You could have a unique imposing building at the end of the game.

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Yes you could but not a fort. Incas are deffensive and aztecs are offensive. Its the last difference between both civs. Aztecs need other buff but not a fort.

Also its often forgotten but aztecs have the noble hut, which is bascially a mini fort and can build a lot of them.

Inca get the big boy fort but can only build 2 of them.

Lakota have their tepee auras while Haud can spam wagons.

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