Jadwiga 5- Vytautas Crusade- some observations

Just concluded the fifth mission in the Jadwiga series. What a grind-fest it is!. Some key takeaways from my many failed and one successful attempts. Assuming you are going for the achievement on hard, it’s important to attack the Crimean Tartars’ home base as soon as you can especially before they get castles- after gaining control of the various villages guarded by the Tartars. Also build a castle (with murder holes) asap since blue will launch attacks very soon. Soon after the Crimean Tartars are defeated Blue starts building a wonder. Capture the Italian city in the south- you get two elite cannon galleons with which you can easily take out blue’s wonder. Be aware that very soon after you destroy that wonder, you’ll be out on notice to prepare for a massive attack by the Golden Horde - so getting lots of stone was key to building more castles at the point where they cross the river. I found that massing halbs and skirms upgraded with tower shield was effect against the GH’s army since it’s comprised of cav units, and it saves on gold. But to do that you need to have a very effective boom to support essentially spamming your units. The Golden Horde also builds a wonder that needs to be taken out, in addition to wading through lots and lots of units. I counted myself lucky in destroying it with a few minutes to go. Good luck on this one!

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