Jaguar knights rework to be more useful

Imo jaguar knights are rarely used outside 1v1s, it would be nice if we could see more use out of them in team games and treaty. One of the ways this could change is to rework the jaguar knight into a Spanish lancer type. The jaguar knight currently basically serves no role in the team and treaty game meta because it gets triple countered by goons, artillery, and masses of skirms. This unit could be more useful as a heavy shock infantry type.

Stats could be:
180 hp 20% range resist
6:25 speed
10 siege
16 attack x3 bonus vs all infantry

Age 4 siege card could be improved to 100% for jaguar knights to compensate for low siege.

What do you guys think?

how is it countered by goons?

Soft counter since jaguars can’t catch up to goons unless your opponent isn’t paying attention.

just nerf the eagle knight, then the jaguar will be useful lol


This makes sense and honestly it’s already a useful unit the jaguar knight only it’s not the fashion being that you have more versatile units like the eagle warrior

Erk is literally the only good unit aztec has in team games that can still be viable in the late game.

It’s useful in 1v1 but useless in treaty or team games.

Losing all those stats and the cav multiplier feel like a net loss even if the tag is changed to shock inf. The more forgiving multiplier vs skrims is mostly off set by how easy heavy/ranged cav can stomp em. The lack of 35 hp means they prolly cant reliably counter anything stronger than pikemen as far as heavy inf goes.

Yeah I hear you, maybe 190-200 hp would be better. At 180 hp It’s like half a Spanish lancer with more attack but pricier.

I just realised the proposal makes it sorta a more upgradeable shotel warrior

I feel like they are better off as a murder all units the moment it makes contact

a model for this could be like how the the new oromo works with 1 rof

They arent that bad, kill anytging that touch them, specially halberdiers (more common on treaty that you think). Also they have good siege and not that bad speed after last buff.

About Erks, they had been nerfed in the last patch. They cant be nerfed more since are the only option vs skirmishers at range (and they arent that good right now countering them)

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actually is chief again now

aztec should nerf Erk and buff other units