Jakcie A.I (Actual AI improvements)

For the ai playing chads out there, I made my own A.I tuning pack, “Jakcie A.I”. It comes with a competent A.I experience at Hardest and above.

I made this mod originally so that I can play with my new friends because the current Hardest ai and even the cheating ai are almost broken. I am now confident to share this with whoever wants to try it.

Remember that ai modding is still limited and I still don’t know how most of this works so there are always problems (PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT ANY PROBLEMS). Hopefully these problems can be ironed out before the new patch and I’ll try to update it there too.


Thank you :slight_smile:
I played with your AI and it is much better than original AI

Thanks! I’m definitely going to try this out with my friend. The original AI is just underwhelming after a few initial attacks.
What did you change to make it better, given the limited AI modding support?

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Though AI modding is limited, there is still a lot of things that can be “influenced” to make the original AI not be as terrible. I can influence what they think will counter other units, one example is that the AI thought that archers was a good counter to camel riders, obviously that may be wrong. Economic priorities are also changed to focus on producing more important things. I can put hard limits on buildings/units like having the AI not build a lot of TCs or Monasteries as well as dictate how important they are. There is also still the options to make the fighting AI more “aware?” on what it would fight and how it updates and how it can prioritize units. There is more stuff but also I don’t know how to make it place drop off buildings better or have a good build order, I think that’s what may be hidden in the unmodifiable ai.scar files. Luckily, the new update may fix some of those big problems and more, so fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Thank you instead :slight_smile:
I hope this can put up as what the aoe4 ai can be like zycat’s

i always play with treaty time. can u make an AI work with it? example AI build war, attack with raw stength…
thank you my friend.

Using advanced custom game settings, they already have the AI be compatible with it by them just not attacking until the treaty is done.

Our PvE games seem to be much more tough since using your mod. The enemies are attacking our walls with bigger armies, instead of only with a few units at a time; they demolished our defense with nest of bees and towers on it easily, which rarely happens with the original AI. From the few games we’ve played with it, it looks great, and we’ll continue using it :smiley:

I see you’re updating the mod frequently, would you mind posting some updates here about what you’re tweaking and working on, for us curious types, every once in a while?

I guess I can if there was any huge changes. Most of the changes I do is to modify a few economic priorities but im mostly focusing on tweaking the fighting ai to stop walking into battles. I’ll get more into the changes in the new patch though.

For anybody who currently has the mod, I updated it for the new patch as a separate mod. It has a (Season 5) in it. It should work as well as it should in the new patch. Enjoy

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Can you please share the list of features and changes of your AI :slight_smile:
Thank you !

There’s honestly a lot of random changes I made so it’ll be a pretty long list. Perhaps I can make one if this thing actually gets very popular and I’m happy enough with this mod to leave it for a period of time. Just know that decision making on a lot of things are changed with a few new additions to make it play better.

You can post a list of the major changes to the mod to make it clear to players what has been changed or corrected.

This is amazing. I’m excited to try it.

The ai seems to be more active for sure! we play with a treaty and whenever its big army vs big army their units just run away, dont fight back and die :confused:

also could you make a more “cheating ai” so that they spam units without being required to rely on resources exclusively? we love the big scale fights that dont end :smiley:

Ya, the whole ai just right clicking during a battle and dying is a huge problem and I still don’t know why that happens. Im trying to fix that.

You can try the buffed absurd ai if you want a bigger cheating ai but this ai is supposed to play more on a even playing field. You can try mega ai if you want the ai to just spam units with no care for resources.

@JakcieChan1178 Will there be an update to the mod ?
A new patch for AoE4 has been released that makes improvements to the AI.

Just played the new update, very nice changes and yet again makes changes that no mod can reach currently.

The mod should be fully compatible with the update as there is no gameplay changes, but there are some files in the mod editor that were not there. This seems to be about how xbox has different ai compared to pc

A few changes are there. Below Hardest, the xbox AI makes less villagers and in bigger intervals. Standard xbox ai has slightly more passive harassment.

That said, I have updated the mod with those files accounted for (I think, i dont have aoe4 on xbox) and with a few extra changes.

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I tried your mod for a couple of games and I like it so far :muscle:

Some issues I noticed that I have not noticed with default AI.

  • Ranged units and ranged siege seem to stutter in place sometimes. I have noticed this with at least archers and trebuchets. They start the firing animation but before shooting start it again.
  • I have also noticed that your AI has a tendency to create rams but keep them around their main tc.

Some things that would be great but maybe impossible to do with tuning packs

  • Have AI create market to corner to optimize trading
  • I the AI does not aim to attack right away they would go for second tc as soon as possible

Hi and thanks for playing it. Since you’ve posted this I have been trying to get the ai to work better.

The ai stuttering I think is due to the fact that I have been building this since last season and the vanilla ai last season did do stuttering. I have been fixing that lately as I have been back to building the mod since the xbox update. Hopefully I have fixed that but of course that takes way too long to debug as I need to play ai games/watch ai games, I would like your input.

The ai rams are almost intended. I replaced every instance of building siege towers to building rams. Its obviously a better solution and I have also made it so that the AI would like to build rams in general in hopes of getting them to have a feudal/early castle timing attack. The problem is that as the ai would prefer to split their armies and if they dont find a use for certain units they leave it idle. Rams seem to have been treated as a specialty unit only if the ai’s objective is a building. That does mean that there are times where the ai would actually full push with rams onto the enemy base but there are those times where the rams are left to idle.

I wish I can make the ai place their buildings with more control than I can currently. From what I found, it is limited to being placed by owned buildings.

I also changed the ai to go for a 2nd tc asap. Not as fast as players wanting an immediate tc but at around 10+ minutes which is something im happy with as they still build a small army.

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