Jan zizka 3rd mission is boring

i just completed al jan zizka campaing, in general is a regular campaing in comparasion with jadwiga or kestutis, but my complainan is the third mission, iron Lords, this mission is tedious, boring desesparate. because you only have light cavalry withouth upgrades and feudal units, so in first half of the mission you only can make siege weapons and light cavalry.
at least you would have do xbow and long swordman in first half of the mission, additionally the mission should reward you unblock knights at time you maked all secundary objectives

i thought it was one of the best missions. tedious no it was super quick and easy. it does a realy good job at showing peasents fighting nobles with their new invetion the hussite wagon mixed with feudal units vs caste age knights and xbow. if anything they needed to make it harder as it was probly the easiest of the new campaign levels