Jan Zizka 4 (Hard Achievement)

Hi, I managed to clear the scenario on hard last time, but now I have a lot of trouble getting the achievement. Any suggestions?


First for achievements, play it on easy. Only one achievement requires playing on hard after all. There is also no limit on using the active pause so feel free to abuse it to micromanage your forces, this is especially important for Bohemians who rely a lot on counter-units. Since the northern enemy is a heavy bruteforce Teutonic army, you need to make sure your units attack the right target.

Halbs, hand cannons and depending on what makes sense at the moment, either cavalry or bombards to counter their siege.

Is it the Tower one? You can do it on easy I guess but that’s not very fun.

I can give you one very effective practical advice: Defeat the red player (Teutons) first. Upgrade your ranged units, and invest all or most of what you have on Halberdiers, maybe with a few extra Wagons sprinkled in, but don’t overdo it and don’t bother upgrading them yet.

It’s best to protect your ranged units at all costs, so your extra resources go into Halberdiers, and the very necessary siege to take out the red castle which, at least during the early game, does not have Crenellations, so it’s safe to shoot from Bombard Cannon distance.

Of course, you must mind those three supply carts around the map, all of them you can get in the first minutes. And it’s recommended to clear at least the north passage for more supplies to come in. This can also be done in a few moments.

Also, you must take out red before yellow starts attacking. But once red is gone, the rest of the scenario is pretty straightforward

Sigismund’s faction will resign when its castle is destroyed, however unlike other scenarios, its army is STILL gonna attack the Vitkov Hill

I got the achievement on hard by two steps: First bring a suicide squad along with Zizka himself to breakthrough the bridge blockade and let Zizka sneak into the Prague cathedral, which will eliminate the green faction. Then, try to provoke Sigismund’s army to attack the western side of Prague itself so they may not line up to attack the hill. It may cost the wall and a couple of buildings but you can simply lure the army to the Prague castles, and after most of Sigismund’s army is defeated, just take down the red castle with BBC.

The only faction left is the yellow crusaders, which doesn’t pose too much of a threat. Use arbalests instead of HCs or wagons because they have condos.

Always secure the supply route. In the end you may have a surplus of resources but if you don’t manage to protect the supplies, it’s a guaranteed defeat