January 2018 Submission Thread

Please post your entries below. The full blog post with entry requirements and a link to the Official Rules can be found here.

Good luck everyone!

When you are a simple villager from a little town in medieval France, be prepared for anything if you like to party too much! (No really it can go really far!).

NB : Texts and dialogues might not be redacted in a proper English but it was hard to be an anglophile during the Hundred-Year War and Google Translator wasn’t as accurate as today.

Hello everyone! I introduce you Tommy! Santa Claus finally gave me a nice present!

I know I know, I do not have a driving license, but I’m very good at driving and I’ve never hurt anyone!

my dream is to compete in the monster truck challenge! one day I will win that race!

What will the villagers do when the new Age of Empires come?

P.S. no one was hurt.

Happy Wololo!

New year! For our beloved peasants, it means new houses and barracks to construct, new immense forests to chop all day long and new extensive lines of walls to be built… Each villager is important and vital for the success of an empire, although it is a very strenuous work, with death risk being a constant… Let’s see how this amazonian expedition explains this to these newcomers!


Here is my entry:

After a long year of hard work of constructing buildings, farming, chopping wood, mining gold and defending themselves against cruel invaders, the villagers need to re-energize for the coming year. So their king sent them to an exclusive luxury resort on an idyllic tropical island.

The all-inclusive resort offers a lot of fun activities, such as beach volleyball, canoeing, sailing, romantic horseback rides on the beach (we need more villagers :wink: ), yoga, swimming, thrilling car rides through the jungle and much more. Or the villagers can just relax and sunbathe on the beach.

This five star retreat will give the villagers the energy boost they need for the coming year! B)

My entry:

In 2018, villagers from various civilizations found themselves in ZOO build by one of the nation.

The ZOO had plenty of animals, such as orangutans, wild horses, sheeps, etc.

Villagers could also meet there different types of sea animals - to admire them or…hunt.

Hunting lions in the ZOO could end up with death of villager…

But the funny thing of this adventure was, that villagers of different nations started throwing a fire against each other :smiley:

Villagers decided to do something new this year than just gathering food, wood and coins. They’ve locked their explorer by build wall around him and they went on treasure adventure! woooo hooooo…

I always loved the campaign cut scenes, also because of AoE I found out about Genghis khan.
In this new year we expect the return of the king!!!

My entry:

Peace is never lasting in aoe world, so as the new year just began, the blue king already wants to plunder the riches of the green realm far to the east! Because he doesn’t have a big standing army, the villagers first must learn fight and serve in an army. For this reason a training camp is established.
In the bottom the commander lets the troops patrol. Meanwhile the trainer at the barracks explains the villagers the basics of melee combat, while the archers practise shooting nearby, which may not have been the best idea.

Some time has passed and the blue army marched into war and is now attacking the main fortress of the green realm. Unfortunately most of the villagers still don’t know how to fight and therefore have to push rams or set up and operate the trebuchets, as well as bring new stones that can be used as ammo for them.

Have any of you wonderd how romans celebrated January 1?

For the Romans, the month of January carried a special significance. Its name was derived from the two-faced deity Janus, the god of change and beginnings.

Romans would celebrate January 1 by giving offerings to Janus in the hope of gaining good fortune for the new year. This day was seen as setting the stage for the next twelve months, and it was common for friends and neighbors to make a positive start to the year by exchanging well wishes and gifts of figs and honey with one another. According to the poet Ovid, most Romans also chose to work for at least part of New Year’s Day, as idleness was seen as a bad omen for the rest of the year.

Player Red’s villagers are going to make a barbecue, our heroes are invited…

###A villager’s dream…

Something great is happening in Joyopolis this new year. Most of the villagers are gathering near market square since the Royal Knight himself is felicitating a fellow-commoner for his bravery and for defeating the enemies of Joyopolis using peace.

The villagers in this new year 2018 were building pyramids and Egyptian tombs for the pharaohs, in addition to searching for minerals such as gold. It can be seen in the image that the blue villagers are slaves of the Egyptians (red) and work for them to build their wonderful pyramids and so on. In addition to that you can see in the image that is a combination of Age of Empires with Age Mythology.

here they are all very calm gaining and moving forward with civilization

World: Blood, greed, lust, & sadness!

_But I only want peace & unity around the world in 2018-
Can we have a year where an innocent:
doesn’t die, doesn’t starve;
doesn’t feel alone, doesn’t feel pain.
Don’t be cruel. That’s all I ask.

Let’s not be angry, let’s be happy;
let’s not be sad, let’s be satisfied;
let’s not compete, let’s us walk;
let’s not be selfish, let’s share.
Just one year. That’s all I ask.

Those who prevailed, shall not fail;
those who failed, shall prevail;
those who were defeated, shall not forfeit;
those who fell, shall be cared.
Don’t fear doom! That’s all I ask.

Just hug, and go;
just smile, and greet;
just clap, and jump;
just bump, and be dumb.
Just be a kid! That’s all I ask.

So much hate, so much divide;
so much doubt, so much fear;
so much cheat, so much ill;
so much power, so much oppression;
are we not humans? That’s all I ask.

Is that my family, or yours;
is that your wallet, or is it mine;
is mine problem, or is it yours;
is it me being broken, or is it you;
aren’t our blood red? That’s all I ask._

My new year’s resolution. Every civilization I play, will get their food resource through berry bush, and farm. I will make my civilization vegan. HAHAHAHAHH!!!

My villagers this new year made their way to the sea for the construction of new ships that will help them explore all those distant lands not inhabited by man in search of gold and to expand civilization

After hard days of work they were able to achieve what they wanted so much, the construction of new ships to explore new lands and conquer them if necessary.

Already the new ships sailed in search of those promises that await in new distant lands. And the villagers after so much work deserve a night of rest in their nation. A quiet and peaceful night: