Japan Boom

Anyone point me to a good guide or video to boom with Japan. China as well?

build consulate and choose ports, send heavenly kami card, spam shrines.


The following build orders are written by Yuki who’s an advanced/pro level player in his channel. You can join this discord Splendidly Cuties that has lot of pros as members that have written build orders for all civs.

For Shrine Boom (If it’s a big map and has lots of hunts it’s a good map for shrine boom)

  • Build a consulate then pick Portuguese for ally.
  • Gather 6 more wood for a shrine.
  • After choosing Portuguese ally build a shrine for 106 wood.
  • Ship Kami card.
  • Age up with shrine wonder keep 6 vills on food the rest on wood build the wonder with one villager.
  • Build 1-2 shrines then a market.
  • Ship fishing boats from Portuguese consulate.
  • Ship 600w if you are gonna train yumi ship 4 villagers if you’re going to train ashi.
  • Ship 4 villagers again then adapt from there.

------------------ For Agressive Play ------------------

  • Build a market.
  • Get first food upgrade from market.
  • Build a shrine, if you find wood treasures build another shrine.
  • Ship 2 villagers/3 fishing boats (if it’s a sea map) as your first shipment.
  • Age up with shrine wonder (because of the early export)
  • Keep 6 villagers on food the rest on wood build the wonder with one villager.
  • Build a shrine and a consulate in transition to age 2.
  • Build a military building right after you aged 2.
  • Choose Japan ally for consulate then start training clubs.
  • Ship 600w as first shipment then 4 villagers then 600c if you want to age.
  • You don’t have to reach 200 population before aging 3 so don’t try to build all shrines instead try to go age 3 earlier and pressure.

There are other channels like Sunbros that have community members that can help with the same.

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