Japan is too op! Please Nerf Japan!

You miss the Japanese monks can critical attack, the hero card in age1 can let them get more resources from treasures.

Does anyone actually use the hero cards?

Depend on maps
Japan heroes card mostly worth in team game.

It makes zero sense to get that card outside of treaties. The villi or the shrine shipments are much more effective.

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I mean team game sometimes I will use it for some map those have more and larger treasures.
In original AOE3 I will put for Port and Russia because they don’t have 3 vils.
Now Japanese hero card earns too much so I don’t want to put for Port and Russia anymore, Japan also only gets 2 vils.
If I get a 300g treasure means this card is already better than age2 card, and I am able to get some xp treasures for shrine shipment.

But up to you, you may like 2 vils more stable to farm at home.

On yukon there’s a lot of treasures like 300W, 200Gold etc… with few animals to defend it. And everyone using Japan send that card on that map.

Basically, the problem with Japan is that they have everything too easy. It really looks like the “noob” civ that allow you every mistake and you’ll still be in the game.

They’re not impossible to beat, of course. But playing vs Japan don’t allow a lot of mistakes, while the jap player can just fail everything and still be ahead.


Daimyos being OP has been well-established for years…and there is no need to bring them up over and over again.
And mid-early game Japan is already too annoying (even not considering daimyos) and games don’t really always reach the stage where all daimyos are sent.

I think daimyos should only keep at most 2 of their current properties:
(1) train units
(2) receive shipments
(3) damage aura
Or at least make them less accessible (either remove one daimyo card or make most of them age IV with an additional cost).

For years I cannot understand the design consideration for daimyos. Even shrines make more sense to me. Those ridiculous aura bonus fits better to a faction with weaker but more cost-effective units (like Russia and China), or at least one with average units lacking late-game bonuses (like Spain, and they already have something like this), but they gave it to a civ that already has units with perhaps strongest base stats (and also with free advanced arsenal that comes along with a free bonus)? Seriously?


Surely we can tone down their abilities a bit, instead of removing them:

  1. Train units → but much slower. Like 2-3 times slower than a barracks/stable
  2. Receive shipments → this is hardly a problem if units are trained slower.
  3. Keep it as long as you have a shogunate, make it not stack with other damage auras from wonders.
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IDK if it is really possible to implement “mutually exclusive auras” but that might be viable. Or maybe nerf the aura effects.
And that might not be the sole problem. Japan already has too many bonuses on their already very good base stats.

Even if there isn’t a way to make exclusive auras, it shouldn’t be that hard to code.

Perhaps Daimyos should only have the Aura as long as tjhe player has the Shogunate Wonder, and only be able to train units if the Consulate is on Japanese Isolationism.
That way, there would be a way to permanently disable their aura, and temporarily disable their unit training.
They should also be limited to 1 at a time.

Usually a japan player who wants to end the game will be in isolationism, for the damage boost and the 10 block training. So limiting stuff to isolationism wouldn’t change much.
Unless we make the daimyo itself be available as a shipment from isolationism, with like 1000 tea leafs price.

Well, it would be a better shipment than the Samurai spawn from the Castles. Perhaps Daimyo should just be a Consulate shipment, and Tokugawa should always just come from the Shogunate, and need to be trained.

My suggestion, however, is that if you sniped the Consulate, Daimyos would stop being able to produce units, until it is both built back, and set to Isolationism.

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That could also work. That shipment with Samurai from castles is hardly worth its price, and keeping the daimyo, while very annoying, is better for the diversity in the game.

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Trouble is, we have 3 Daimyos because the original devs really wanted it to be part of Japan’s design.
Perhaps the Shogunate could have all Daimyos available to train after the shipment is sent, but each one can only train 2 types of units, with only Tokugawa (Shogun) being able to train the full roster.

For example:
-Mototada was a loyal servant and friend to Ieyasu, so he trains Samurai and Naginata.
-Masamune was a dangerous and brutal “One-eyed Dragon”, so he trains Ashigaru and Flaming Arrows.
-Kyomasa served in the Imjin War as a senior commander and was a devoted Buddhist, so he trains Yumi and Yabusame.


I was also thinking about limiting the types of units a Daimyo can train, but my idea was to prevent them from building any of the regular units, but instead build the special unique units that you normally get from the Consulate or from Tokugawa. These are generally weaker than their normal counterparts. And the daimyo aura could only affect them.

Mototada : yamabushi & ninja
Masamune : Shinobi & yamabushi
Kyomasa : hatamoto & Shinobi


That could also work, and it would be a good way of getting those units, without spending Export.

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Yes, and it would also make Japan feel more Japanese, and those units would get more involvement.

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If their artillery is weak, shouldn’t they buff their artillery and nerf other units? Why do they always try to have everything?

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This situation likes my main civs has a truck, but my vils cost 150F and only have half efficacy, then I am just crying OMG my vils so weak it is bad enough and completely ignore how powerful the truck is.