Japan is too op! Please Nerf Japan!

This article mainly hopes that the official can balance some old OP countries, such as Japan, the United Kingdom…, so everyone goes to the official website to leave a message and ask them to balance.

I don’t need to say more about how disgusting a country like Japan is~

I think there are the following points that need to be balanced:

  1. The hero can’t build a house and throw smoke bombs, and then have a stun skill and a magic attack, otherwise the two can play treasure and the OP together.

  2. In addition, the speed of the Musketeer should be changed to 4, and the firepower should also be reduced to European standards. After all, he still has the golden pavilion-style daimyo to strengthen.

  3. Portugal should not be able to reduce the demand for wood, it can be changed to speed up the food efficiency of 5%.

  4. The gods can’t reduce costs, after all, they are cards that can be issued as soon as the era begins.


I’ve written a few threads about them. However, some of the top players in the forum argue that Japan is fine and that you are not good enough. Perhaps because their opinion is correct, the developers are not taking any action against Japan. I’ve been seeing Japan continue to be controversial since legacy, but anyway they say no problem!

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Japan is a civ you kinda have to learn how to beat and like not just fight normally. You cant allow them to build eco and maintain unit mass or they will slowly steamroll you.

I think one of the top players said that as a general rule, the longer the game goes the more it goes into Japan’s favour and like you need to stop that at all cost, but take the wrong fight and you are dead.

Its a tough balance but I think its just about balanced. Its easier to beat Japan as an Euro Civ since you can just make a spy and snipe the monk, non Euro civ probably have to take map control and or FF into overwhelming mass.


This is just like when Sweden first came out, everyone was arguing and balanced, but Japan, which is stronger than Sweden, was marginal, and it was very unfair to practice Aztec or Spain than others

But aztec and spain are good counters for Japan.
Japan just needs a -50food, -50 wood nerf and a shrine hp nerf. Rest is fine. Japan’s eco is nowhere near sweden, and is actually very slow to take off. Also, japan’s unit are strong, but they are expensive.

The main problem for the boom civ is they can boom, but others can’t.

So what we can do is only to prevent they boom. For 1v1 it is ok, but it is absolutely insane in team game due to the map are much larger. It is impossible to block their booming every time and once you can’t find most of their houses means you lose half already. Even you found their house you still need to send siege unit to destroy their houses, but due to their HP, build everywhere, this is also not working in most of team game.

That’s why team game balance is even worse than treaty game.

Japan can be cheap for their army cost, and their cp is higher than everyone. but Sweden in age2 is easy to kill. and they can easier be kill than japan in age 3 or 4.

That’s the biggest problem for Japan. Japan must have only one of the two, a weak economy and a strong unit, or a strong economy and a weak unit. They have stronger units due to their strong economy and bonuses that are hard to block. To stop them, we need early all-in rush like Russia or Aztec. Do you think that’s right?

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That’s like Otto also has Top eco or Russia has the best quality unit with massive quantity.

We WILL NOT SAY this is bonus and balance, or say we just put the wall and defend them is fine.

No its not true . Russian units are cheaper and also weaker than other European civs .

I mean if. Otto also doesn’t have top eco.

Japan is just too much, too much on everything :

→ Starts with 2 Heros, they can build mini factories that take : eco, give pop and block the food for everyone else.

→ You can’t kill those 2 Heros cause they can magically teleportate to their TC, both of them :smiley:

→ They steal your hunt, but you can’t steal them cause they have free mills (yours cost 400 Wood but need 500 Wood and 350 gold with all upgrades) all during the game. :smiley:

→ Their Ashi are so speed that they’re not counter at all by skirm or bows. Which broke the counter system of the game :smiley:

→ Oh did I forgot to say they can send each of their card TWICE ? Good 50 cards deck :smiley:

→ Their artillery act like a canns and like a culv, OP for every situation.

→ They can use Damyos, it’s literally a moving barracks, not OP at all :smiley:

→ etc etc etc…


Why this remember me the people complaining about Lithuanian Relic Bonus and Goths Infantry spam of aoe2?
Yes they are really strong, but they don’t need drastic changes, just a smaller ones, and even they won’t need those because:

  • Japanese eco can be hard to raid, but also very slow to set up, and requieres map control.
  • Daimyos are mobile barracks, but when training units are very prone.
  • Japanese cavalry and Artillery is rather weak.
  • The infantry is really good, but very expensive.
  • At early game is when they are weaker, don’t let them to advance because the longer the game=more powerful japanese are.

And is just tiring to see, according to the people here and other sites, we need to nerf everything because they are like in a Git Gud situation rather than a real balance problem (Endless requests to nerf or buff Swedes for example, oh and then the same circlejerk in aoe2-_-).

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This is one of the issues one sees all the time. Almost everything is OP at one time or another and when a nerf takes place it is often too much so the cycle continues and continues. I’m not saying balance changes aren’t needed but if I were the devs I’d find it maddening. No one is ever happy and you could spend the next 5 years trying to get the perfect balance which in reality means all the civs play the same.

Civs are supposed to have advantages and disadvantages over others. One civ might be strong early game then trail off in later ages, one might be the opposite. That’s is how it is supposed to be.

The overuse of OP/nerf drives me up the wall.

Which civ doesn’t need map control? Japan needs the least because their vils don’t need to go out, 2 heroes can build up eco and escape to TC when facing danger. 680f aging up is slow?

I can’t imagine how OP they will be if they can move when training units. Now they can buff, receive shipment and train units near your base when you can’t find them, if you find them, they just escape with high speed, not OP? Why don’t let Lakota age 4 WC buff card let him train unit and receive shipment too?

What?, you need to EXPLORE and looking for herds in the entire map to boost your eco, cmon even Incas can build their Kanchas or Swedes can build Torps at the safety of their own bases!!.
Rgearding the age up, easy, just remove a wood crate so they need to chop more wood to get that, slowed down.

Incas receive shipments with Chasquis with age up and isn’t broken but why Daimyos are? because they move faster? lol they need protection.

Daimyos do too much, that is why.
They are fast, so it is not hard to protect them, have an aura, recieve shipments, and train Barracks and Stables units.

No matter how you look at it, Daimyos are OP, when paired with Japan’s stronger units than everyone else, and stellar Economy.
If Japan’s units were weaker than normal, it would be OK to allow them to train up near the frontlines, but because they are stronger than normal, a unit that can train up to batches of 10, in the back of the enemy base, and super fast when you send in the right shipments; is grossly OP.

It is not a hard case to make, specially when Daimyos already benefit from so much synergy in their own civ.

Let Lakota do the same!
Let Euro explorers train Mercs like Daimyos do to normal units!
See if that would be OP, and now imagine it on a civ with the strongest Musks, the strongest Cav Archers, and the second strongest Archers, plus a Culverin-Falconet hybrid that can be sent twice, multiple times, to the Daimyo.


Japan artillery is really, really bad. This is why their other units have to be better than average.

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Japanese Musketeers should reduce their speed from 4.5 to 4.25,
The speed of the Musketeers in European countries to develop arsenal technology is 4.4, which costs one more technology but can’t catch up.

Japanese monks who cannot be killed are unreasonable.The other party spent time capturing but did not get xp.
They should use cards or research and develop technology to give them smoke bombs.
or give the other party experience or resources after use smoke bombs, just like pay the ransom.

Japanese monks can build houses. Why does it have one more function than other countries?
The cards of the gods should allow the monks to build,they are not allowed to build before that.


I start wondering to be talking with a guy who hasn’t played a normal civ that need herd…

You are right, Inca Chasquis can receive shipments is already OP. Daimyos even have aura, moving barrack, receive shipment combine several OP functions into one, is the most OP.
When they face danger just run away, only Lakota can catch them but Japan is upper hand to Lakota.