If you didn’t saw my last concept you can see it here: Poland-Lithuanian Kingdom-new civ concept



reason: It’s one of most wanted civs in game

what experience it could give: It could give experience of unique civ, with old army.

Difficulty level: 2/3
Japan campaign: 794(end of nara perioid)-1568(end of muromachi perioid)
Main slogans: Samurais, Architecture, Fishing
Campaign: none

Civilization bonuses:
Archery range unlocked in Dark Age (I)
Units under 50% hp get +1 meele and ranged armour
When military unit die japan get +10 gold
Monks are 35% faster
Fishing boats are 75% cheaper

Unique buildings:
Cost: 500/1000/2000 wood(dependswhich dojo is it)
Buildtime: 45s
Hp: 1000
Unlocked in I era
All unique technologies are unlocked here with 3 sections
Samurai Damyo Economical
Access to every is unlocked for 1000 gold
And have 4 unique technologies which are unlocked for free

Fishing camp
Cost: 50 wood 50 food 25 gold
Unlocked in II era
Start with 20 fish
They can make up to 600
Gather rate depends on quanity of fish in camp
Many villagers can work in one camp
Enemy units move and attack 75% slower on camp

Palace of shoguns
Replace blacksmith
Cost: 350 wood 200 gold
Buildtime: 45s
Unlocked in II era
Can be only one at time
Contains blacksmith technologies
Can create damyos
Can create shoguns

Cost: 300 gold
Hp: 2500
When hitten commands every villager to hide, every unit to attack attackers and attack big 30 dmg wave on 10 tiles
This ability can be used one at 5 minutes

Cost: 125 wood
Hp: 1000
Every unit what go under torii get 100% speed boost on 5 seconds

Budda sculpture(wonder)

Learning system:
Have 5 levels
Levels can be gain by killing

1 level
requires 1 kill
+4 hp(healed and added to general) and +15% attack speed

2 level
requires 1 kill
+8 hp +20% attack speed

3 level
requires 2 kills
+8 hp +1 dmg

4 level
requires 2 kills
+10 +1 dmg

5 level
requires 3 kills
Every next kill give +15 healed hp

New units:
Shinobi scout


Heavy meele infantry
Replace Maa
Unlocked in I era
Cost: 80 food 80 wood 20 gold
Buildtime: 15s

Hp: 90/105/130/145
Dmg: 10/13/16/19 1.75s (no torch from honour)
Speed: 1.38s
Armour: 2/3/4/5 meele 1/2/3/4 ranged
admg: +20/+26/+32/+38 vs infantry
Learning ability

+Good vs infantry
-High cost


Light ranged infantry
Replace archer
Unlocked in I era
Cost: 40 food 40 wood
Buildtime: 15s

Hp: 55/65/75/85
Dmg: 8/10/12/141.5s
Speed: 1.38s
Range: 4

+High dmg
-Short range

Tatami samurai

Light meele infantry
Replace spearmen
Unlocked in II era
Cost: 60 food 60 wood
Buildtime: 15s

Hp: 80/95/110
Dmg: 5/7/9 1.4s
Speed: 1.38s
Armour 2/3/3 meele 1/1/2 ranged
Admg: +15/+21/+27 vs cavalry
Has learning ability

+Good vs cavalry
-Low dmg


Administration unit
Unlocked in II era
Cost: 300 gold
Buildtime: 5s

One at 15 minutes we can spawn shogun
Every shogun die after 15 minutes
When shogun die bonus is lost
Shoguns give military/economical bonus ,which we can choose
Only one shogun at the time

Hp: 150
Dmg: 45 2s
Speed: 0.85s
Range: 7


Heavy meele cavalry
Unlocked in III era
Cost: 150 food 200 wood
Buildtime: 30s

Hp: 290/350
Dmg: 27/34 1.75
Speed: 1.72
Armour: 3/4 meele 3/4 ranged
Admg: +7/+9 vs light meele cavalry

+High dmg
-High cost

Crossbow Horseman
(i didn’t found any graphic)

Light ranged cavalry
Replace crossbowman
Unlocked in III era
Cost: 120 food 50 gold
Buildtime: 30s

Hp: 155/180
Dmg:12/15 2s (can’t shoot while moving)
Speed: 1.88
Range: 4.5
Admg: +9/+11 vs heavy

+High movement speed
+Good vs heavy
-Countered by spearmen

Armoured yumi

Heavy ranged infantry
Unlocked in III era
Cost: 80 food 80 wood
Buildtime: 30s

Hp: 135/160
Dmg: Bow 12/14 1.5s Sword 6/8 +18/+24 vs cavalry 2s
Speed: 1.125s
Armour 4/5 meele
Range: 4

+High hp
+High dmg
+Can defend vs cavalry
-Short range
-Slow movement speed
-Weak vs ranged attacks


Heavy meele infantry
Unlocked in III era
Cost: 150 food 400 gold
Buildtime: 1m

Hp: 320/380
Dmg: 30/35 3s Splash
Speed: 1.125s
Armour: 3/4 meele 1/2 ranged
Can knockback troops on 2 tiles with 2s move and attack block
Maximum amount of daimyo’s is 6

+High dmg
+High hp
+Splash dmg
-Slow movement speed
-High cost
-Maximum 6 at one time

Ashigaru musketeer

Light gunpowder infantry
Unlocked in IV era
Cost: 90 food 100 gold
Buildtime: 22s

Hp: 70/80
Dmg: 15/18 1.5s knocked dmg 8/9
Speed: 1.25s
Range: 6.5
Have special ability to explode his shoot on 2 nearby tagrets

+Long range
+Exploded dmg
-Low hp


Dark---->Feudal era

Kiyozmu dera
Generate food/gold/wood/stone based on nearby villagers and traders

Todai Ji
Can produce monks 25% cheaper and 25% faster


Bloomsoom forest
Gives 50 food and 50 gold per minute

Memorial sculpture
Nearby units +10% attack speed and +1 meele and ranged armour


Matsumoto castle
Once at 3 minutes can generate army of 5 samurais for free
If relict isin generate them with 3 level

Kochi castle
Acts like a keep ,but with larger sight and larger garrison
If garrisoned get +3 meele and ranged armour

Unique technologies:

Samurai techs-1000 gold

Critical I era
First attack is 100% stronger
Better learning II era
3 level gives +1 sight
4 level gives +1 ranged armour
5 level gives shield, +1 dmg and +1 range
Light boots III era
Samurais are 20% faster
Sepuku IV era
Gained gold from death of units is increased by 100%

Daimyo-1000 gold

War drums III era
Troops nearby damyo move and attack 10% faster
Angel attack III era
For every attack damyo heals nearby troops by 8
Shields of steal IV era
Nearby troops get +1 ranged and meele armour
Long trainings IV era
Damyo deals +5 dmg


Improved mines managment I era
Every gold and stone dropped is increased by 1.1
Fishing system II era
Fish are generated 20% faster and maximal amounyt of fish is increased by 200
Fish market III era
Readers nearby fishing camp generate additional food
Fishing + IV era
Villagers gather fish 20% faster and maximum amount is increased by 200

It’s all. If you have idea to change or deelete something write it bellow,


I would like that civilization, but for a campaign I would require the Korean civilization too, unless they replace it with the Chinese one. The campaign would be about the war that Japan lost against China and Korea


I like the idea of a unit getting stronger as it fights and survives. It’s like a mini RPG sort of thing. It’s why Tzar: Burden of the Crown is one of my all time favorite RTS games, cause literally EVERY unit can level and become super strong!

I commend you for your effort. Japan was never a medieval power or empire (English wasn’t either), but yes it’s a worthy civ because of popular perception nowadays.

I like Lithuania too and I hope the civ can materialize sometime in the future.

Just wanted to note the flag you used above is from the late 19th century!!…

Also, I feel it’s better to focus on the ideas/ concepts than delving into balance details like “15% bonus” etc don’t you think?


Yeah, I know it ,but I like symbol of rising sun

At that(AoE4) time, I think so-called JP official flag seemed to be 二両引(Niryo-Biki) or blank single colored flags used by Gen-ji shogun offices. (similar to Abbasid Dynasties)
Before Gen-ji shogun era, also blank single colored flags were used.

Currently Hino-maru and (above) Nissho-ki both form 19th century.

Wait wut?

Ever heard about Angevin empire?

Yeah. I meant an actual Empire. After all, this is Age of Empires isn’t it.


Sure, I will fix it. I choosen rising sun as symbol of rising empire

First we can never use that flag. It’s associated with Japanese Imperialism in the 20th century and many asian countries consider it as offensive as the Nazi flag.

Sorry, I knew it. But I thought this symbol is older in japan culture. I’m going to change it.

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Apart from the civilization that they add, an idea I had was to introduce archers in the dark age, with less life and low boification (so that it is not broken), this will make us leave the comfort zone and rethink if we should go fast to age feudal since we must defend you with at least pikemen

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I see several Japan threads here, most are hollow, barren, boring, can you feel? I believe because it’s an overhyped civ.

I fully support a Japan civ eventually (paired with an African civ for lack of better match) but Age of Empires is not World War 2. It was a different world. “Japan” was marginal, backward, or didn’t exist as “Japan”.

The Ottoman Empire, Spain, Persia, even Mali / Songhai or the Inca Empire are more worthy and more substantial, an overabundance of interesting game ideas / features.

sounds amazing, thx for the valuable insight… I hope someday we get at least 1 or 2 more civs

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I hope that too. I think the AOE4 community really deserves an insight if they currently work on new civilizations.

I know it, it’s only sequence of ideas