So how are people using Japan? Any tips or tricks with them? Just wondering what you guys have been seeing or doing with them


Try to boom a lot and take out samurais (advance with the Shinto temple because its monks have artifacts that boost all the buildings)…


raiding with a few onna bugeisha in early feudal age. The gunsmith landmark can give a big power spike free instant cannons are really strong

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From now what I’ve seen:

  • Onna bugeisha is really good in feudal and early castle, but it’s too weak for imperial use. Do the maths and you will see, samurai are by far better in later castle and imperial age.

  • The landmark that gives farms is better than the one that can train shinobi. Shinobi are good, but hard to manage them efficiently, and the free farms makes your transition to farms easy, and it sinergizes good with the TC upgrades.

  • You can do onna bugeisha or archers early feudal harassment very profficient. Both units are fast, so you can just attack unprotected resources without dive into the TC.

  • The floatting gate is way better than the buddist. The yorisohiro’s can boost your eco, improve your military, etc… Even you can boost the TC production rate to make it produce villagers in 16 seconds. If you went to feudal push and you haven’t two TC, this can help you with your eco.

  • Oniga shima landmark is way better than the castle, the resource income from the castle is good in the short term but the free siege or gunpowder units spawned at the moment is better to defend or attack.

  • Onna musha is good, but you have to micro them well to hit armored units, as they are not very effective versus light units.

  • Feudal horseman harassment with the mounted samurai bannerman is very very good, specially in team matches.

And probably some other things that right now I don’t remember.


Exactly, that’s why I told him to go for the samurais…

The shinobi is good at annoying a little in the early ages and who knows, lost for lost, it can always be useful for something in a later age…


Exactly…at least the landmarks are now more useful depending on which one you use…

Just my understanding ,but Japan seem design to pressure and take map control early (house as food drop-off, forge that drop gold, stone and upgrade). Tougher samurai and cheaper archer point out in these area.

To play early pressure:

  • send some units to harass enemy (samurai, archer, horseman or shinobi) to keep them in base
  • send group of villagers out to natural resource (mainly food like deer or boar) and deplete them as fast as possible (build tower from wood that would go for house/food storage and upgrade with arrow slit with extra stone from gold mining)
  • don’t rush upgrade TC or gather stone yet as using hunt for food mainly at start
  • starve enemy resource as much as possible and adapt to enemy move.

Or play long game:

  • boom with TC upgrade and storehouse landmark (reduce wood need to transit for farm), use TC upgrade with small group of unit to defense.
  • Get Floating gate and put Yoshiro in resource generate first.
  • Try to go gunsmith landmark as fast as possible (Fast Imperial) and use stock to get gunpowder unit in the fight.
  • With many self resource-generate from 2 landmarks and free stock for gunpowder units, mass large amount of units and try to win in 1 large push, or with lots of military buildings and flood with army in wave non-stop (SC2 zerg).
  • Castle of Crow is ok if you able to hold path to neutral trade to get free resource (help in resource generate).

How do You use shinobi in practice?

suicide mission to stop enemy production in the early game? or disabling enemy buildings in a feudal age or early castle age timing push?

Landmark TC is not good for Shinobi, so aim at something far from TC like:

  • Forward base for Feudal all-in (Eng), Mongol Ovoo and production close to it
  • Malian pit mine, French gold, Jeanne or Rus villager for boar
  • Market raid (sabotage to stop trader production)
  • Docks that far from base.

Reason why it doesn’t look good now because players now play mostly new civs which not build far from TC.

i only want they nerf japen fast age3 and+300%knight。it was too op

stop enemy production in the early game… is it worth to do it?
I mean in theory, it is interesting, but in practice?

Anyone has discovered a boom strategie with the japanese?

I’m main abbasid, and I love the japanese concept but I find his economy very very weak.

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Early feudal age pressure with a few Onna Bugeisha to gain map control.
use the map control to secure berries or fish
collect extra stone while booming to upgrade your second tc making your Japanese boom easier to defend and to expand your farming economy.
go on the free farms from the Kora storehouse as soon as they pop up to preserve food resources.
Fishing boom should also be easier for the Japanese to pull off because of cheaper fishing boats.

Japan won’t boom as quickly as the Abbasids, but having armored units in the feudal age can make them less vulnerable

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Gonna give this a run

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The Floating Gate is OP