Japanese Daimyo and Shogun Nerfs Please

It’s 2023 why do we really still have to deal with a Japanese player in a team game making sams next to my walls at the edge of my base? The only people who do this are people who can’t micro troops well so they need to go and runs sams into your eco to win.

Context: Late Game, Team Games.

The main problem is that too many things stack with these units late game. I will list these issues:

  1. HP is too high
  2. They are cav and so they can run away fast.
  3. They can be made again with the Wonder.
  4. Shogun can make Mortars ( There is no reason that this should be a thing).
  5. Train 10 units at a time with the ### consulate tech.
  6. Trains as fast as other unit production buildings. Moving your units across the map is slower than this train time. 2 Daimyos can make 20 units, but with 20 of your own units you can’t kill the enemy units fast enough to stop the Daimyos from making more units.
  7. Too many of these units, 1 Shogun and 3 Daimyo.


  1. Remove Shogun.
  2. Cap Diamyo hp to 1000hp.
  3. Limit Diamyos to 1.
  4. Limit unit train amount to 5, even after ### consult tech.

Reason for my solution:
Diamyo should be there to sure up your army while you fight, they should not be able to make a large new army like other unit production buildings. Shogun should be removed because artillery is too strong to be made in the middle of a battle. None of my changes will change anything pre 20mins of the match.

Final notes:
Everyone knows that making units with a Diamyo at the edge of your opponent’s base is just a cheese strat. It’s not effective most of the time and it’s just irritating. Japan has many interesting strats and perks, they don’t need this. The only reason this has not been fixed yet is that people don’t like removing things from the game and, because it does not directly affect pro matches. Nobody can make a case for why this should be in the game and so it should be fixed.


Haha I actually quite like the current function of the Shogun and Daimyos (broken or not) :rofl::rofl:.

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totally agree, I would add a nerf of hp of naggis and daimyo/shogun speed.


daimyo and shogun are absolutely annoying in late game, especially team games
always find them sneak into my base and spam batches of mortar and samurai, ruin everything before my troops come back


I guess, stop playing large map size. Problem solved. Also i bet you guys are playing like treaty, everyone walls to edge of map like crazy, then some units run inside just drives you mad. Go for some early aggresions is useful.

I would just limit artillery to batches of 5, FA are annoying too, and to remove walls bonus to morutarus, they didnt need it since they are versatlie enough and get range card. A nosense


Been saying this for awhile. People do the same thing with giant grenadiers and Ottoman grenadiers. They can’t fight on the battle field so they run around the edge of the map into your base. Speaking of which Ottoman grens should be nerfed. They are way to fast and to good against artillery, possibly nerf their attack against defensive buildings, so tired of the cheese Otto players.

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Maybe Daimyo and Shogun should only be able to train near (still could be quite generous with the proximity) any of their own/ally’s buildings. This could be near tradeposts, shrines, whatever - just not near enemy buildings (the trainable units are greyed out).

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I play team-ranked. Just because most games don’t go late does not mean that problems in the late game should not be fixed. Saying “just rush then your problem is solved” is selfish. There is a whole community out there of noobs (tend to have longer games) and treaty players.