Japanese discuss thread

Hello, i’m surprised about the no existence of this thread, so I open it.

Japanese seems very funny to play, but I want to discuss some things about the civ to know the opinion or simply get advices about some things I’ve encountered playing them:

  • tanegasima IV landmark is very cool (it may seem a bit overpowered, but we will see), but… Have we really no way to check how many reserve (sorry if it’s not called like this in english, but I have the game in spanish) the building actually has?
  • I’ve noticed that samurai+onna musha combo are really strong
  • Do you think it’s better to put a second TC fast, or better upgrade the town center? I think, if you are going for a feudal rush, better to upgrade the town center and get the food bonus (very useful if you reached feudal with the kura landmark), and you get the banner soldiers. But, in a more economic context, maybe is better the second TC
  • Do you struggle as me to get food in feudal, once the deers and berries are out?

That’s all for now, but I will keep posting things I experience with Japanese while I learn to play them. All in all, they are so funny to play.

I will post my build order when I refine it a bit.

My preferred strategy right now is to upgrade the TC instead of going for a second. The bannermen units (any flavor depending on opponent) alone are good and their buffs just make trading so much more favorable. But I also like that by upgrading the TC I have a very viable food income in farms to switch to once natural resources start running out. Though I also usually go with the Kura Storehouse in the aura radius so the synergy there is probably the tipping point for me.

Yep. I really can’t see the shinobi building working. I think the free farms and the sinergy with the food bonus granted by the TC it’s way way better.

What do you think about the samurai+onna musha combo?

Quick note about the shinobi: I think they are slightly better than most people give them credit for. Sure they won’t get much sabotage going lone wolf style like most people think they should be used since they are so easy to spot/stop. But they do very high damage and can really help in trades by teleporting onto archers or behind their melee to trap them. And if your army gets near the enemy base and you have a shinobi squad you can essentially shut down their base for 30 seconds.

I still need to test onna musha more. I have too much fun overwhelming the enemy with wave after wave of samurai/onna bugeisha

But it is not clear to me what really they can do to buildings. For example, if I sabootage a production building, a defensive building or a resource building.

I’ve played a game yesterday where I literally spent 10 minutes non stop sabotaging an aquisgran chappel, without really knowing about what this was doing.

Defensive buildings and resource buildings will still work. Just take a lot of damage and be set on fire. But say if you sabotage their TC they can’t produce more villagers for 30 sec. Win an engagement and do it to all of their military buildings (assuming you have a full shinobi squad) and they can’t replenish forces to push you back for 30 sec. Shinobi feels like a “Win More” type of unit. If you’re in a situation where they are worth their opportunity cost then you probably would have won with the economy landmark anyway.