Japanese is now balanced

This looks like a scenario. Not really cheats. I’m sure not though. Using mods or whatever may be able to do this.

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I believe it’s still the case that the moderation ask us to report suspected cheaters in private, rather than calling them out in a public thread. I am going to flag this topic as “something else” so they see and register your report and, if that rule is in fact still in effect, remove this topic.

I hope you don’t take it as a personal insult.

damn you guys took it too seriously with video title lol

its a video of a mod just for the luls

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Maybe don’t give it misspelled “Cheater” as a title if you want people to actually watch and not just report.


Looks cool as hell ! What is the name of the mod ?

name - multiple buffs mod

i mean we already have cavalry archers for cumans shooting arrows from the head of the horses so i don’t see why anime-accurate samurai could not be a thing honestly


Awesome, thanks !
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