Japanese spearmen also use billhook?


It is obvious that although we have been providing feedback on the weapon issues of the Long Spear soldiers since the internal testing period, the production team has never taken our ideas seriously. They still stubbornly use abrupt billhooks for Long Spear soldiers around the world, which is very “AOE2” and very outdated.

If it is really for the sake of “esports” that we need to take care of players with poor eyesight and unclear units, why don’t you add a setting option to meet different types of players?

For example, for players who do not care about restoring history and only want to efficiently perform PVP, they can choose to use a weapon with all units of the same type.

For other camp enthusiasts or PVE players who pursue a sense of historical immersion, they can choose to use their own CIV style weapons for all units.

Even if you feel that this is a significant workload and do not want to add such a setting, and it is necessary for all spearmen to use one weapon, you can still have them use a universal spear with no obvious regional style, so at least it does not look very contradictory.


From the currently released images, it can be seen that Japanese spearmen have used three types of weapons.

Firstly, the tassel decorated spear, however, in Asia, the tassel decorated spear is only popular in China, Korea, Mongolia, and other regions, and the Japanese do not use the tassel decorated spear.

Next is the LANCE used by Western European knights, which is obviously very funny, but I think it is just a placeholder.

The third type comes from a new image released today, and we found that Japanese spearmen are still using European style billhooks.

The spears used by the Japanese in the Middle Ages were generally not fundamentally different from those of other regions, but the installation method of the spear head was quite unique. The spear heads in other regions generally used “sleeve type spearheads”, while the Japanese spears were mostly “embedded spearheads”.

The advantage of a common sleeve type spear head is that it can control the size of the spear head to be very small, which can be paired with a longer spear rod.

The embedded spear head is usually larger in size and heavier in weight, in other words, the Japanese spear is considered to have evolved from the sword, so this type of spear has a certain chopping effect. Based on this characteristic, the Japanese have also created a tactic of raising the spear to hit the enemy in history.

If the production team believes that these relatively micro details cannot be reflected in the RTS, they can also have Japanese spearmen use the highly Japanese characteristic “cross spear”.


To summarize, the Japanese spear is more like a sword with a long handle.


The continued misrepresentations of weapons in this game is maddening. Not only is this one of the easier things to both take care of in terms of design and asset creation (as weapons are literally just attached onto models and can be altered just like that), it is entirely absurd that the same game that tries to appear historically accurate at the cost of coolness and has the most boring campaign which takes the form of a british documentary, also completely forsakes accurate weapons for, what, exactly?

I could assume it has to do with some chump in the offices insisting that it makes the game more competitive. But, not only would this be a naive assumption of me, it would be a ridiculously naive assumption of any competent designer to boil it down so much that I honestly cannot believe someone like that has a job as a designer for a history game.

With the pictures below, I’m more willing to believe that they had no available artists and had programmers put together random stats to create new units or technologies. To make the units look different to existing ones, they’d randomly pick cool weaponry from their asset browser to make them look different, instead of having a professional create or put together an appropriate look.


Or, that is my theory anyways. What it doesn’t explain, is why new content with presumably actual artists on board also shows sign of this kind of corner cutting. Am I to believe that they don’t know any better as well? Or is it actually the case that there indeed is a litte gremlin in the offices sabotaging the game for the sake of ideological design?

With my rant over, I am really hoping that this is simply a placeholder, again. Because if the Japanese Spearmen are released with Guisarme as well, then I am 100% sure there are people in the company actively holding back the game’s potential. Unfortunately, it still would not explain why they haven’t fixed the Spearmen of French and Mongols after 2 bloody years.

And if I am honest? Seeing how they released the Great Bombard with fixed pathing, where it actually follows terrain, yet did not fix other Siege which all are horizontally locked tells me that while they have teams working on actual content, there is no real team on the actual live game that gives a shit.


The production team seems to have an almost fanatical obsession with the superhuman behavior of “using one hand to operate two handed weapons/long handled weapons”.


Oh hell, it’s seems devs really like these freak guisarmes.
Honestly, even if they use something like poleaxe as universal spear, it wouldn’t look so weird like this.

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It is mindboggling that they even have appropriate weapons, but mish mash these together in a very strange way?

They made frickin’ katanas look metal and better, why do knights have different spears if it is unrecognisable? I made this point before, but it gains nothing in terms of Esports, otherwise all the units would look the same and have the same weapons.