Japanese units need new voice-over

The Chinese version of TAD released with Chinese unit voice-over partly reworked at 2007, as original ones are too strange for native speakers.
For the same reason, the Japanese version of TAD also had Japanese unit voice-over reworked.
Now in 3DE, Chinese units voice-over got fully reworked after Hotfix 6847, but Japanese ones remain nothing change. It is unfair!


And need to add another missing voiceover.

Horse artillery and Falconet share a voice. It’s unfair either.

Agree. the Japanese units voice-over is pretty strange.

P.S. Not only accent is strange, some lines strange too. So in the old Japanese version, some lines are changed, like the one when order villager to mines, from “お宝だね”(otakara dane, “Treasure”) to “採掘だね”(saikutsu dane, “To mine”).
This also happened in Chinese version, from “货物工”(huo wu gong, “worker who deals with goods”) to “采矿工”(cai kuang gong, “worker who mines”), but the new voice-over in Hotfix 6847 used the old line “货物工”, somehow makes the voice-over still a little bit weird though accent is very good.

I have been waiting for a news on this problem. The Japanese voice over really turns me off and I don’t want non-japanese speakers to think that the japanese language sounds like this when it doesn’t!

Don’t worry about that, we the otaku/weabos already know how the Japanese sounds like… I have always believed that the Japanese voiceover it is based on that of traditional Japanese theater.


Only the explorer. The rest sound not very authentic especially the villager.

Then how to explain why all voice over lines of Japanese units were redubbed when TAD released in Japan in 2007. Japanese do think the original ones are weird.

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Lets not distract the devs with highly unnecessary changes when there are millions of terrible bugs that need to be fixed first.

I’m not justifying the Japanese voiceover, if you think they’re wrong, then they’re wrong. I’m just saying what I think, but I really have no idea about this. I thought that they were based on the traditional Japanese theater, in order to recreate an old way of speaking, but it seems that this is not the case.

why not say billions? It will sound more serious.

I am a native speaker of Japanese and you are right, the Japanese voiceover are spoken in the traditional Japanese theater style, except for villagers.

What I think is wrong with the voiceover is some lines and accent.

For example, the Japanese female villagers speak with a weird accent, which is obviously recorded by a foreigner. And other lines such as “otakaradane(お宝だね)”, which is used when a villager ordered to gather gold, sound unnatural because “otakara” means treasure. In TAD voiceover it was replaced with “saikutsudane(採掘だね)”=to mine. Another example is “sodesu(そうです)” by a Japanese fishing boat, which means “yes it is/ you are correct/ that’s true”. It doen’t make any sense from context.


The new Lakota voicelines have worse problems than the original - if they spend money to replace bad with terrible, I don’t know if they’re going to bother correcting something that is only wrong context rather than wrong, period.


Woow, japanese voiceover are still unchanged.

As a Chinese, I could say the chinese community are very happy and satisfied with that new voiceover. The japanese voice deserve a rework as well. This game has many japanese players (though fewer than the past). It’s unpleasant to hear their mother language in a weird accent.

Now the devs have made new voice for minor civs on European maps. Hope they could record new voiceover for japanese in the future.


I would pay a lot of money for a language pack DLC. Like it would contain a LOT of new voicelines for every civ (but of course recorded by a native speaker). It would just add flavor. One of the fun parts for new civs after all is hearing the new lines. Maybe I’m the only one.


New voicelines also had more characteristic than older ones, which were mostly generic responses to commands and were the same for all units.
Like “for America” “para Mexico” “fire” (and “hahahahahahaha”).
Italian architects also seem to have some fun unique speeches.


Absolutely right! The current voiceline of Japanese is too strange. All these units sound like they are mocking you.

Back to the legacy AOE3, the Japan local version was released with a better voice line dubbed by local voice actor. There’s some good guy uploaded these voice files to the DE mod, you can download it and replace the odd old voice.

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Not exactly related to the topic, but I noticed the priests you get through the consulate (the only way of getting healers in the campaign as far as I can tell) don’t have any voice lines.

As for units sharing voice lines, that has been a thing since base AoE3.

I use mods that replace the current VOs with the Chinese and Japanese release versions. They could easily replace them in DE if they wanted.