Japanese visuals

Should still remove that shield, doesn’t look Japanese, they still have the very clear barding to differentiate from the horsemen.

These would look better with matchlock guns


The shield of the samurai lancer should go he looks different enough from the horseman and the mounted bannerman got his large sashimono in his back.
The sadest thing about it is that the rest of the model looks great, keeping this bland grey shield is just ruining their own work. :sweat_smile:

For the ashigaru they could replace the handgun by the firearm of the janissary / musofadi gunner.


Wholeheartedly agree with that!

They look fantastic overall

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Could you please try to make some AOEII reskin mods, just using the units you’ve made for AOEIV. And some animations of one of your previous AOEII mod (a swordsman) is now still waiting to be finished. Thanks!

Haha, I will look into it. You mean these?


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Yes! These are so great works! If you just change some parts of the clothes into the player colors, then it can be transferred into AOEII units. Looking forward to it!

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And this one, all animations ready except for a “death” and a “decay” one.

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Yeah I gotcha, I was kinda working on a larger militia “replacement mod” but it is kinda off topic :sweat_smile:

Heey mate, how did you made these beautiful models? They seem much Better than what we seen in AOE4. Are you using Unreal Engine?

Good work anyway

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Blender and Substance painter! I’ve been doing 3D models for quite some time, these were kinda rushed even :sweat_smile:

I did use Unity now Unreal, working on some sideprojects haha