Javelin thrower

they should be stronger against armored units, since they were added in the early days I was confused, thinking they were strong, but they are not at all, the only reason to create them is against ranged units.

We must consider that they also cost a lot 80 food and 40 gold, compared to an archer who costs 30 food and 50 wood.



here I put a video for you to see, the javelins have an iron tip like the one used by the javelin thrower, I understand that it is a gameplay choice, but in my opinion it is a bit unfair, given that the only unit that it can be done with real effects, leaving out the archers with poisoned arrows and the Sofas, they are the Musafadi, who have little life.


I know we’re talking about Malians, but I think it’s better to make them weak against archers and strong against armour, given that an archer, given the little load compared to a Javelin thrower should be more agile when attacking a Javelin thrower.

And given the slowness of an armored man, a Javelin thrower, given the great effectiveness of his Javelins, should be stronger against it, given the slowness of the armored man given by itself.

I honestly don’t think it’s right, given the great power that a javelin could have.

In my opinion one of the best things would be to make them special, that is, increasing the damage the closer you are, if you are very far away you do damage, but with less force.

  • Yes, they should be different.
  • No, they can stay like this.
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