Jeanne d'Arc - Keeps/TCs Additional Arbalest (from Red Palace) - They currently have 60 damage with 10 tiles range, but French does 40 damage with 9.5 tiles range (not consistent; what values are correct?)

For Jeanne d’Arc, getting the Red Palace Landmark gives other Keeps and Town Centers an Additional Arbalest Emplacement, which currently does 60 damage with 10 tiles range. Right now, French’s version has 40 damage with 9.5 tiles range.

The French version was purposefully nerfed to 9.5 tiles range, so I assume the Jeanne d’Arc version should have 10 tiles range.

Also, either the Additional Arbalest should do 60 damage or 40 damage, but there was no patch notes on the change to 40 damage. This change might have been missed while writing the patch notes.

So, this may or may not be an intended change to damage.

Fixing Range : I’m assuming Jeanne d’Arc Keeps/TCs with Arbalest should have 9.5 tiles range.
Fixing Damage : The damage is supposed to be 60 damage (intended damage) or change it 40 damage like the French version and update the patch notes (unintended damage and missing patch notes).