Jeanne d'Arc model: developers should redone all unità like this

You probably know how my opinions on Graphic aspects are but from the latest developers update on “variant civilizations” i seen this good model of Jeanne d’Arc


From reddit topic about it
It seems that this model already been on Aoe4 editor but now It looks a bit more detailed.

It’a clealry Better in comparison to the other models

Weapons are not good but armour and also the face seem pretty realistic and more close the “classical unit models made by Relic”.

So, why developers don’t remade all models like Jeanne d’Arc? It would be less complex than a Total Remake but It could be a great improvement.

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Please allow me to interrupt.

If the developer decides to redo the model and texture, please make sure to replace the “plastic textured large area color block armor” of the CHINESE unit with silver armor that truly has a metallic texture and luster like the Mongolian unit. If necessary, I can provide a lot of reliable information.


I understand what you mean. In this case, Jeanne d’Arc model has a very good armour with the right colours. I don’t know how many models like this are available into the editor.

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IMO Jeanne looks way too generic, they should remove the helmet to show her hair and let her left hand hold her banner.

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The champions are a letdown compared to her model, i think it would be perfect if the light and shadows can be toned and tweaked, in the pic is too much bright.

And checking the artwork, i don’t understand why they didn’t apply those gorgeus details to in game units…

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Some of it is restricted by polycount and allowing the game to run better on more than one single piece of hardware. This point I do very much understand, that is why it is easier to have a more detailed Jeanne vs other units, as there will be a maximum of 8 Jeannes, but there could be 800 other units.

Some games like Total War avoid these issues by having a very very strict LOD, even turning 3D models into 2D sprites when very far away, mostly because of the increased zoom levels (technically it can drag performance into the ground). There is a bunch more, but it would take a large amount of writing, just wanted to give a brief insight, there are however things that can be improved, metallic textures, weapon models etc etc.

Also some models do look quite good.

But ofc, there is always trade-offs, but most important in my opinion is new and unique models for any new unit.

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Units looks so good we dont notice this because we cant zoom in too much otherwise games graphics are really good

Yeah i agree when you’re in general gameplay she’s just going to look like a generic knight. I think she’d look so much better carrying a banner I can just imagine it fluttering at the head of your knights.

Not sure why they went the warrior route honestly would be cool if in the same way she can weird a sword or bow you could make her warrior or banner bearer with more buffs for your troops.

The new MAA unit uses a model of the French archer, and it seems that there is still an arrow bag hanging behind him…

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No way… why?
20 character limit.