Joan campaign M6 on hard: bad instructions

Ok so I want to beat all the campaigns on hard. I didn’t have any real problems so far but the last Joan of Arc mission: Perfect Martyr is pretty insane.

The problem with this mission is that if you follow the map advice of conquering the nearest burgundian town to get its resources and use its walls for you, you’re basically kicking the hornet’s nest because the english will launch a heavy attack way before you can build up some real defenses.
The english(Red) attack itself is not a big problem but the other AI(Orange) will also come in with many cavaliers, rams and trebs while you still haven’t left the castle age. Add to that some constant infantry + monks(■■■■■■■ monks!) coming in to attack from the purple AI and things get very hairy.

After some frustrating tries I watched some videos about this mission and people were somewhat “cheesing” it in order to be able to beat it, as they didn’t do the instructed decision to capture the burgundian camp, but went directly to raze one of the AI’s camp or started building a base somewhere else, because that wouldn’t trigger the extreme aggressiveness.
As I don’t like to cheese anything, I refrained from doing that.

Either this mission needs some attention/rebalance or the instructions should be more clear as:

“Capturing the burgundian camp will yield resources and walls, but it will also draw a lot of english attention to you.”

That way the player has to choose between capturing the resources and take a big risk or start his base somewhere else with less resources.

The difficulty in itself is not exatcly the problem but the instructions are basically making the player shoot itself in the foot.

Another suggestion is that destroying the burgundian camp should yield considerable more food + stone + gold because it only gives you lots of wood ~1200 and very little food and gold, and that is definitely not worth drawing that much attention.


i had a “similar” issue with the incan campaign level 3 or something, the advice recommends you focus on the objective of killing the king in the mountains, and not worrying too much about the rest of his forces, yet if you do that, you miss so many extra units that help in the end game, in fact you miss an entire castle which makes a massive difference, the advice literally makes the level harder

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Yep. I even tried wiping out the orange AI first but even with only the purple + red constantly attacking it becomes extremely hard. I have to spend so many resources to defend that I can’t advance to imperial, and after a while the red comes with like 3 onagers, 6-8 scorpions + ~10 Longbowmen + 2 or 3 trebs. Meanwhile purple is still streaming halberdiers + champions to my base.

Even Viper didn’t manage it on the first try lol…

He did struggle a bit with it.

Normally I hate to bump old threads, but it just baffles me how infrequently people complain about this level. Is it because not many of us do the campaigns?

After a few unsuccessful attempts, I tried to imitate a recording that somebody uploaded to YouTube yesteryear, but it almost seems like even the mildest deviations are enough to spoil the playthrough (I couldn’t imitate it perfectly, and trying to do so sounds extremely tedious). The second that the enemy takes out all of your cannons—your safest defense against their multitude of trebuchets—you are as good as dead.

(Funnily enough, this is currently the uploader’s most popular video, and the comment section is filled with others complaining about how hard it was!)

I gave up playing normally and used a speed running trick instead out of sheer exhaustion, something that I rarely do when I’m playing video games.

My winning strategy is to use my army to invade Shrewsbury immediately after stealing Burgundy’s base (Viper had the same idea). This town is actually pretty weakly defended so it can be steamrolled easily. You can then stone wall your starting base, send back your army to defend it (Red should still focus this one) and build another TC and some more production buildings at your new base to be able to send reinforcements from another direction, and you alsoget some safe eco. This makes the scenario quite a lot easier.

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It’s possible to do as they told you actually, but you have to “interpret” the suggestions a bit differently.

You can capture the burgundians camp, and get the walls and resources, then while you left your vills to boom, you take all your surviving army and rush the orange camp.

Red is anyway the one take the most to attack you, and purple needs to re-boom. If you play this correctly, you can kill orange before he trains an army, and most likely catch him while he still booming. Then with some cavalry you raid purple and prevent him from getting too much resources.

This way, you aren’t actually cheesing nothing, since you are completing the objectives in order. The issue is that often, the mission objectives hints you toward assuming a defensive position after capturing the burgundians camp, but it’s not written anywhere actually.

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Also let’s be real saying that cannons are better than longbows is just a scam. Don’t try countering longbows with BBC it won’t end well 11

yeh it was true in AoK, but they’ve never updated the description in the campaign since

first invaded burgundy camp and walled the area
then invaded almost immediately shrewsbury and walled the area, and built a Town center there, in order to assure me gold and stone.
then i tried to wall south, in order to separate burgundian attacks from english attacks, in order that is more easy to defend your camp, and take breath, this wasn’t working quite well… so i went with champions and mounted archer and cannonners in south, where is present a small pass, and there they hadn’t any problem. So with them (i’m talking about less than 20 men), a monk, and two o three trebs i destroyed the base.
Once you take the burgundy camp, it’s done! The english are very easy to take out

Anyway: i agree that “build the base in the first burgundy camp”, is just an option and i’m not sure is the best

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