Join a team

Hello, I just discovered this remake of the game that I loved so much a long time ago.

I played few games, but I would like to know how to join a clan or add friends.

I searched for some videos, but the “clan” tab does not appear in my options.
I can also search for people I’ve played with before, but can’t find how to add them as friends.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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There’s no friend system currently ingame, and to join/create a clan, you go to Multiplayer > Find Custom Game > Clans tab at the top.

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Thanks, I found it.
Is there a chat system to chat with members of a clan or is it only a registration to be able to see later if the players are online?
I am French, I will try to find a French-speaking clan with active and friendly people :slight_smile:

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There’s literally no social systems built around ingame clans, they serve almost no purpose. You can tell when players are online I suppose, and it shows up under your username on your profile, but otherwise, they seem to have no functionality or reason for being ingame.

The social systems in game are very primitive and archaic, to the point of insultingly implemented and IMO improving these aspects can make the game experience as a multiplayer game much better. Unfortunately, as it is right now, the best way to find friends is to simply find communities outside of game - Discord and such, for example.

I’d also say lobby browser is marginally better for finding friends in this regard, because you can actually write while in lobby whereas in ranked you only have a minute after teams are formed and if you’ve found potential friends through ranked you wish to play together with again, it’s quite a nightmare to get to add them to your Steam friends.

I wish at least Steam would let you show recently played people’s accounts like it does with some other games. Right now, I’m dependent on to see my recently played games, where I can find the other players’ Steam accounts from, so that I could add them to my Steam friends list. Perhaps that could help you add other people as friends too?

Thank you for your answers.
It’s a shame because these kind of games with a chat channel and an ingame audio channel with headphones and a mic would really change the face of the game.

Do you have any discord channels to recommend? Francophone if possible.